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IKEA history

Chronology brand IKEA

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The name «IKEA» stands for «Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd», ie the founder's name and the name of two villages in which he lived.

November 1926, XNUMX
In the south of Sweden, in Småland, born founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad.

November 1943, XNUMX

IKEA Kamprad registered company that was selling pencils, wallet and other small items. IKEA name consists of the first letters of the following words: Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryud, Agunnaryd. Elmtaryud - the name of the farm, Agunnaryd - the name of the parish, where he grew up Ingvar Kamprad.

November 1945, XNUMX

The local newspaper had the first IKEA store advertising.

November 1947, XNUMX

The range of IKEA furniture first appeared.

November 1951, XNUMX

It published the first printed IKEA catalog, containing mainly furniture production.

November 1952, XNUMX

At the annual fair of St. Frik in Stockholm, IKEA presents its furniture at sensationally low prices.

November 1953, XNUMX

Opened the first trading room of furniture trade in Älmhult.

November 1955, XNUMX

IKEA launches its own models of furniture.

November 1956, XNUMX

IKEA first began to deliver the goods in flat packs. This is the basis of low prices IKEA.

November 1958, XNUMX

Opened the first IKEA store in Älmhult, Sweden. The company has already 100 employees.

November 1959, XNUMX

At the IKEA store in Älmhult has opened restaurant for those wishing to eat and guests from afar visitors.

November 1963, XNUMX

The first IKEA store outside Sweden opens in Norway, the Oslo suburb.

November 1964, XNUMX

Through the introduction of quality control systems in the Swedish store "Housing" IKEA achieves a leading position in the rankings. In the same year, thanks to advances Designers are starting to sell the first chairs that shoppers themselves. He begins selling chair Oglala new design at a lower price.

November 1965, XNUMX

In Stockholm, open to visitors IKEA store "Kungens Kurva". It has a self-service warehouse, allowing customers to save money and time. The building is round shape resembles the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

November 1969, XNUMX

The first store opens in Denmark.

November 1973, XNUMX

Opened first store outside Scandinavia, in the vicinity of Zurich, Switzerland. Today it is the largest IKEA store.

November 1974, XNUMX

Opened store in Germany, Munich.

November 1975, XNUMX

Store in Australia.

November 1976, XNUMX

Shop in Canada.

November 1977, XNUMX

Shops in Austria.

November 1978, XNUMX

IKEA opened its first store in Singapore. BILLY Bookcase becomes part of the IKEA product range.

November 1979, XNUMX

Shop in the Netherlands.

November 1980, XNUMX

Store in the Canary Islands. Put into production sofa KLIPPAN - born with a classical trade IKEA brand.

November 1981, XNUMX

Stores in France and Iceland. "Working with IKEA" - the beginning of the development and manufacture of office furniture.

November 1983, XNUMX

In 6000 IKEA employees. Score
in Saudi Arabia.

November 1984, XNUMX

Opened stores in Belgium and Kuwait.

November 1985, XNUMX

Opens its first store in the US IKEA network.

November 1986, XNUMX

Anders Muberg replaced as president of the IKEA Group founder Ingvar Kamprad.

November 1987, XNUMX

Shops in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

November 1989, XNUMX

Shops in Italy.

November 1990, XNUMX

Stores in Poland and Hungary.

November 1991, XNUMX

Stores in Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates. IKEA Group acquires its own sawmills and plants that give rise to Swedwood, the industrial group of IKEA.

November 1992, XNUMX

The first IKEA stores opens in Mallorca
and in Slovakia. In Delft, Holland opens trial IKEA store.

November 1993, XNUMX

The network IKEA stores in 114 25 countries.

November 1994, XNUMX

Shop in Taiwan.

November 1995, XNUMX

Launched the first collection of IKEA / PS.

November 1996, XNUMX

Stores in Spain, Finland and Malaysia.

November 1997, XNUMX

IKEA for children - put into production a whole line of products for children. IKEA creates its first website on the Internet (

November 1998, XNUMX

It opens the first IKEA store in China.

November 1999, XNUMX

IKEA incorporates more than 53 000 29 servants in countries across continents 4. The number of stores exceeds 150. Anders Dahlvig replaces Anders Muberga as President of IKEA Group.

November 2000, XNUMX

The opening of the first store in Russia, 22 March Khimki.

November 2001, XNUMX

The opening of a second store in Russia, 12 December Teply Stan.

November 2002, XNUMX

IKEA founds its own railway company IKEA Rail to transport their goods.

November 2003, XNUMX

IKEA is celebrating its anniversary 60-! The opening of a third store in Russia, 12 December Saint-Petersburg (Dybenko).

November 2004, XNUMX

The opening of the fourth store in Russia, 22 March Kazan.

November 2010, XNUMX

Ten years of presence of IKEA in Russia.


Based on materials from IKEA.


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