SMILA BLOMMA sconce light pink

SMILA BLOMMA sconce light pink
4.0 /5 rating (4 votes)
Article number 000.970.97

Tested and approved for children.

It gives a soft pleasant light.

product dimensions
Depth:7,5 см
Diameter:34 см
Wire Length:2,2 m
Packaging dimensions and weight

Окружающая среда

It may require special waste handling. For more information, please contact your local authorities.


Polypropylene, Polypropylene
Care instructions

Candle E14 400 lm

Additional Information

Helpful information

Bulb sold separately. We recommend a candle-shaped milk LED E14, 400 lm.

All wires pose a potential choking hazard. Place the wire so that the child in crib or playpen, could not reach them.

Always fasten the wire to the wall using the clamps provided.

This product is CE marked.

We know that babies need special care. This product does not contain any chemicals that may be harmful to the health of the child.

This luminaire has a safety extra-low voltage, it does not have sharp edges, small parts, hot surfaces, holes or hooks.

Carefully, safely and easily put away!

All our lamps are checked for safety, but little fingers are very curious. Therefore, for the safety of children, it is necessary to securely fasten wires and cords. Plus, the room will look very neat.

Good lighting at any time of the day or night.

Most of the time children spend playing, and their toys are usually scattered throughout the room, so there must be good general lighting in the nursery, such as a hanging lamp. A reading lamp above the bed will allow you to read your favorite book before going to bed. And the light of the night light will calm the impressionable child and drive away the “monsters hiding in the darkness”.


Anna Efverlund

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Feedback (1)

  • Anjela

    Recently went with the child to Ikea for the nightlight. There's a series of Smyl Blumma: asterisk, month, heart, flower. Child like the color pink, so a night light in the form of flower became ours. So we brought him. In the assembly easy. On the night light it is written that the bulb should be no more 25 watts. We did not notice it, of course, so the two lights on 40 Watts burned for two days. I bought a light bulb 13 Watt and week here everything is perfect shine. Another plus in the note - a very long wire. We would hang almost to the ceiling, on the second floor of a two-story bed - just enough. Praise and advise!

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