DITTE fabric black

DITTE fabric black
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Article number 330.803.80

This decorative fabric is designed for sewing curtains, curtains, curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, capes and tracks from it.

product dimensions
Weight.:140 gr / m²
Width:140 см
Area:1,40 m²
Packaging dimensions and weight

Окружающая среда

Renewable material (cotton). The material from which this product is made is recycled. Familiarize yourself with the rules for recycling in your country and find out if there are recycling facilities in your area. For our products, only cotton from more environmentally friendly sources is used. This is recycled cotton or cotton grown using less fertilizer, pesticides and water. At the same time, the welfare of farmers is increasing.


100% cotton
Care instructions

Machine wash 60 ° C.

Do not bleach.

Machine drying, normal mode.

Iron, high temperature conditions.

Do not dry clean.

Shrinkage 4%.

Additional Information


IKEA of Sweden

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