BEKVÄM shelf for spices birch

BEKVÄM shelf for spices birch
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Article number 400.701.85

Saves space on your desk.

Solid wood - if necessary, can be sanded and surface finish.

Solid wood - hardwearing natural material. If necessary, can be ground and machined surfaces.

product dimensions
Width:40 см
Depth:10 см
Height:9 см

Окружающая среда

Renewable material (wood). At IKEA, we impose strict requirements on wood and do not use raw materials from illegally logged forests. By 2020, all wood will be sourced from certified forestry, or processed raw materials will be used. Suitable for recycling or energy recovery, if applicable in your area.


Solid birch
Care instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Additional Information

Helpful information

For different walls require different types of fasteners. Pick suitable for your walls screws, dowels, screws and so on. N. (Not included).

Sitting on the stairs and standing on a stool ...

The BEKVEM ladder-stool will help to get the necessary object from the upper shelf. The hole in the top step makes it easy to move the ladder. The staircase is made of unprocessed solid wood. You can sand the surface and cover it with oil for processing the BEKHANDLA wood.

Solid wood

Solid wood gives each piece of furniture unique. This is a natural material with a beautiful, diverse texture. In addition, the solid wood is very durable. Wooden furniture will serve you for a long time and will only look better with time.


Nike Karlsson

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