ARV BRÖLLOP serving stand with lid clear glass

ARV BRÖLLOP serving stand with lid clear glass
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Article number 401.255.50

The serving stand will become a real decoration for your table. It can serve cakes, pies or cheeses.

product dimensions
Height:50 cm or more
Diameter:50 cm or more
Packaging dimensions and weight

Окружающая среда

The material from which this product is made is recycled. Familiarize yourself with the recycling regulations in your country and find out if there are recycling facilities in your area. No cadmium or lead added.


Care instructions

Can be washed in the dishwasher.

Additional Information

Designer Sissa Sundling on the ARV BROOLLOP series

“The creation of the ARV BRELLOP series was inspired by the atmosphere of a wedding celebration — elegant outfits, silver and lace, romance and dreams. And, of course, love. I tried to reflect all this in exquisite floral ornaments, white porcelain and sparkling glass. an indispensable attribute of family holidays, and perhaps, over time, a family heirloom that keeps memory of the most beautiful moments of your life. "


Sissa sundling

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  • Zlata12

    In the design of wedding shop Ikea helped me out. Stand cake - she is very beautiful. Glass openwork and transparent with intricate patterns, saw the whole chic wedding cake. It is very convenient that there is a cover that protects the cake from drying out. It is sold in department dishes. Near laid white soft hearts with white embroidered snowflakes, sold at 4 pieces. Sold in the department of candles and Christmas toys. Table for tea was lovely and the guests loved it simple and chic in one !!!

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