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FÖRNYBAR freezer bags red

FÖRNYBAR freezer bags red
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Article number 502.775.00

Suitable for all products that can be frozen, such as vegetables, bread and so on. D.

It is easy to control the storage of products, as you can specify the contents and put the date on a special label printed on the bag.

product dimensions
Volume:3 l
Amount in a package:40 pc
Packaging dimensions and weight
Packaging:1Packaging:1Article number: 502.775.00
Width: 6sm
Length: 19sm
Weight: 0,2kg
the number 1


Without the addition of bisphenol A. The material from which this product is made is recycled. Familiarize yourself with the recycling regulations in your country and find out if there are recycling facilities in your area.


Polyethylene, Polyethylene
Care instructions

Can be put in the freezer.

It withstands temperatures of up to 50 ° C.

Additional Information

Helpful information

May be completed with clamps Bewar.

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