TUKIG salad dryer

TUKIG salad dryer
3.5 /5 rating (6 votes)
Article number 601.486.78
-Misku Can be used for serving, for example, to give it a salad.
product dimensions
Diameter: 23 cm
Height: 14 cm

Packaging dimensions and weight
Polypropylene, synthetic rubber
Care instructions
Wash by hand.

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Reviews (1)

  • Oksanochka

    We all like the whole family salads from fresh vegetables. Of these, any kinds of lettuce leaves, which you first wash and have a lot of water on them, this liquid gets into the salad. It's sad. Girlfriend prompted a cool device for drying leaves: Tukig in Ikea! The dryer consists of three parts, the instruction is simple to disgrace: put the grass in the net, wash, insert the mesh into the plastic bowl, close the lid and start to rotate. The mesh inside rotates with the lid, and the water from the grass simply shakes. Water remains in the plastic bowl - on the bottom and walls. Grass, if not ideally dry, but certainly not wet. To achieve such an effect with the help of towels and for a couple of minutes I never could!
    The design does not contain bisphenol A and cleaned manually. Of the minuses - it is quite extensive and if the kitchen is small, will have to find a place for it. But it is a trifle. Recommend with confidence.

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