VILGOT office chair - black

VILGOT office chair - black
3.0 /5 rating (109 votes)
Article number 601.931.85
-height Seat is adjustable for maximum comfort.
-Adjustable Tilt; resistance increases or decreases depending on the body weight.
On the back-nets breathable.
C support in the lumbar region; It provides additional comfort.
-Kolesiki With rubber coating; smooth movement on any type of floor covering.
product dimensions
Width: 74 cm
Depth: 69 cm
Minimum height: 102 cm
Max height: 114 cm
Seat width: 47 cm
Seat depth: 48 cm
Min seat height: 47 cm
Max seat height: 60 cm

Packaging dimensions and weight
Seat: Moulded eucalyptus plywood, Polyurethane foam 35kg / m
Upholstery seats / Total composition / Total composition / base 1: 100% Polyester
Back: Steel, Steel, Pigmented powder coating based on epoxy / polyester
backrest upholstery: 100% polyester, 100% Polyester
Hole cruciate support / foot support Phillips / Phillips Hole support / foot support Phillips: Reinforced polyamide plastic
Part of 01 / 02 Part: Steel, Galvanised
Part of 03 / 05 Part: Polypropylene
Part of 04 / 06 Part: Steel
Part 07: Polypropylene, Synthetic rubber

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Feedback (1)

  • Aleksandr

    The idea is good, nice design, implementation at three. Quality of the materials for this price worthy.
    But the description is misleading: in this chair there is no "slope adjustment depending on the weight". The back and seat are connected by a hard corner with a fixed angle and this angle is not necessarily all convenient. This chair can be deflected completely (this is apparently implied in the description), but to reject it (only then does the support on the back, or else the back is vertical and perpendicular to the seat, and is not supported by the backrest, the cushion under the waist becomes useless ) You need to rest your legs and push back, holding in this position with the power of the muscles. I did not have a chance to try it outright and I was mistaken when I decided that the deviation system is similar to the Marcus chair (in which the backrest and seat can indeed recline in the correct proportion, and not with the corners of 1: 1). While sitting on a chair it is convenient to get, if only to lower its height is noticeably lower than usual for my growth, then it is possible to lean back without backing with support on the back. But it does not turn out sitting already, but some kind of reclining. Perhaps this was intended by the author.

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