MULA block with pegs and hammer multi-colored

MULA block with pegs and hammer multi-colored
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Article number 702.948.91

It helps the child to develop motor skills and coordination.

The child can hammer the pegs with a hammer or simply insert them into the holes.

You can knock as much as you want, and when all the “carnations” are clogged, you can start all over again.

product dimensions
Length:50 cm or more
Width:50 cm or more
Height:50 cm or more

Окружающая среда

Without the addition of bisphenol A. At IKEA, we have strict requirements for wood and do not use raw materials from illegally cut forests. By 2020, all wood will be sourced from certified forestry, or recycled materials will be used.


Side panel:
Solid beech wood stain
Board / Hammer Head / Hammer Handle:
Solid beech, Clear acrylic lacquer
Polyamide plastic
Care instructions

Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.

Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Additional Information

Helpful information

Recommended for ages from 1,5 years.

The kit includes: 1 wooden block with holes, 1 wooden hammer and 8 "nails".

This product is CE marked.


IKEA of Sweden

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