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Nordby tray on legs

Nordby tray on legs
2.8 /5 rating (21 votes)
Article number 802.022.21
-Easily Folds to save space.
product dimensions
Length: 57 cm
Width: 36 cm

Packaging dimensions and weight
Polypropylene, Steel, Polyester powder coating
Care instructions
Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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  • AnyaAnya

    This tray was bought specially to eat in the crib in front of TV on cold evenings, wrapped up in a warm blanket. I would not say that the tray is small, there is enough room, there are side edges around the edges so that the dishes do not move, and they protect the crumbs from the crumbs. The plastic is qualitative, the legs are quite high and well fixed. And: this tray my guy adapted under the keyboard, mouse and joystick, and sometimes a laptop. Very comfortable sitting on the bed using a computer, playing games and watching movies (we have a laptop connected to a large TV, especially for games and movies, so the tray is best replaced by a computer desk). When friends with young children come, the children are painted on a tray, pencils and markers do not roll off, and it is convenient to draw paints because they are paints. There is room for a glass. In general, I'm happy, I did not notice any cons.

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