Tromso 2-frame bunk beds

Tromso 2-frame bunk beds
3.5 /5 rating (25 votes)
Article number 901.617.72
-Excellent Solution for small spaces.
product dimensions
Length: 208 cm
Width: 97 cm
Height: 159 cm
Mattress length: 200 cm
Mattress width: 90 cm

Packaging dimensions and weight
Steel, Pigmented powder coating based on epoxy resin
Care instructions
Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.
Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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Feedback (5)

  • Valyusha

    It creaks, + came to her bottom to buy more iron mesh sagged and was uncomfortable. The truth is out there I slept with my daughter and polyurethane foam mattresses have been through them a healthy sense of the crossbar in the middle.

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  • Julia

    To buy a bunk bed thinking I came after the birth of her second child. Unfortunately, children are not very big, so place two freestanding bed would have been problematic. After a long selection choice fell on 2-IKEA Tromso bunk bed. After reading reviews on the Internet decided to buy it. Perhaps I'll start with a minus sign, he only: As in previous reviews - it's creaking. This problem is solved simply enough - just mount are urged to become loose during operation.
    Now the pros: high ledge, which prevents the child from falling. The child had never fallen.
    Huge Sleeps - 90h200. At first - and sometimes even slept with the younger.
    Robust - metal bed frame is very reliable.

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  • Michael

    Good day to all. First of all, I would say that the creaking of the bed - only from the corresponding assembly - Julia said is true - just do not tighten the bolts. The bed is very reliable, convenient and two of my lads brought a lot of positives - there is in fact need to climb to the second floor !!! What could be cooler? ). All special keys to build their own hands in the kit is, is going to "like Lego." In addition it is safe - is immediately obvious that the Swedes on this job. Personally, I have never regretted the money invested. Recommend.

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  • Igor

    tell me where you can get the screws to her? I lost at preezde

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    • Site administration

      Try IKEA Service department at the IKEA store.

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