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FIXA laser level

FIXA laser level
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Article number 902.507.11

The laser level is easily attached to any metal surface.

Can be used as a laser level or a normal alcohol level.

Laser level projects a precise laser beam on the wall, even in the daytime. Simplifies the process of hanging shelves and pictures, laying tiles, etc.

Easy to use even for one person. Mount the laser level on the wall and both hands will be free to work.

Additional Information

Helpful information

The laser light; Do not stare into.

A magnetic field; Keep the laser level away from pacemakers, magnetic storage media and magnetically sensitive equipment.

Button to lock the laser level to wall are not included.

Operating Range: up to 3 m.

Batteries are sold separately; 2 required pieces. 1.5V DC LR03 (AAA).


Henrik preutz

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