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IKEA Khimki

Field operations


IKEA Khimki

3.2 /5 rating (450 votes)


The first IKEA store in Russia, opened in March 22 2000 years. Besides the fact that Wembley yavletsya first store in Russia, he is also the largest. Its area is 31600 m2.

Working hours

daily: 10: 00 - 02: 00


  • A country: Russian Federation
  • Address: 141400, Moscow Region., Khimki, m / rn IKEA korp.1


  • Tel:

    +7 495 737 53 29

  • Fax: +7 495 737 53 30

Getting there


from metro Glider: № 154,383, 946, 959, 980, 981, 982;
from metro Riverport: № 443, 481, 532, 986;
of Khimki: № 4, 9, 10, 19, 51, m / p Left Bank: № 937;
of Zelenograd: № 900

Location Map

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Feedback (3)

  • Tanna

    For those who zatarivatsya in himkovskom IKEA - be careful at the box office!
    A little history - were in this store 15.05.2015, pay order 14y checkout. Cashier - RODIONOVA Natal. Remember this name, that Madame did not give the date of my grandmother, who pays for shipping. I cheated on 300 rubles pensioner and let it then it will be reckoned.
    The department said claims that "cash converged, and the cells can not see anything! But it is clear that the cashier the money in his pocket did not take!". What the hell, I ask, if there are cameras?
    Never anything more in this store will not be ordered.

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    • Sergei

      Tanna, you understand human beings. Grandma, of course, a pity. But your decision to never nothing ordered IKEA seems hasty. Cheated everywhere. The thief will never look their age. And if every time to throw out a list of store where you "shod", then in the end you risk being left without any store close to home. You just have to make it a rule to estimate the amount at which decided to buy, and do not forget about the change at the checkout. And all, or much simpler.
      Sergei Vinogradov,
      totally disinterested buyers who cheated too many times.

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  • Natalia

    and Khimki helped me twice in ikea: they returned the scarf left in the restaurant on the 2nd floor and returned the bag that was accidentally left (quickly noticed)

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