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SP A. Karimov R.

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Delivery of any goods at IKEA MinskVitebskBorisovZhodino, Polotsk и Novopotsk.

Terms of delivery

Delivery is carried out in the first days of each month.

Delivery from store IKEA Khimki и IKEA Teply Stan.

Pay after receipt of order.

Shipping cost for Vitebsk, Polotsk, Novopolotsk:

from 1 rubles. to 500.000 rubles. - 30%
from 500.001 rubles. to 1.000.000 rubles. - 25%
from 1.000.001 rub. prior to 3.000.000 rubles. - 20%
from 3.000.001 rubles. to 5.000.000 rubles. - 15%
more 5.000.000 rubles. - 10%

Shipping cost for Minsk:

25% of the order value + 20000 rubles. for delivery to the entrance

Shipping cost for Borisov and Zhodino:

25% of the order value + 15000 rubles. for delivery to the entrance

delivery territory

Minsk Vitebsk
Borisov Zhodino
Polotsk Novopolotsk


  • A country: Belarus


  • Tel:
    mobile devices 8(029)596-00-56 (Минск)
    mobile devices 8(029)515-25-84 (Витебск)
    mobile devices 8(033)612-80-44 (Полоцк, Новополоцк)
    mobile devices 8(033)680-53-38 (Борисов)
    mobile devices 8(029)604-53-38 (Борисов)
    mobile devices 8(033)171-38-69 (Жодино)
    mobile devices 8(033)718-35-17 (Жодино)
  • E-mail: [email protected]

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  • petya

    Do you not greasy at such prices to haul!

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  • PRICE!

    at that price I'll come to Moscow and privezu.i tea oil will remain !!!! you guys !!! reduce your price is not enough, that the goods have the price tag too high, so still and expensive shipping !!!

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