Vintage method for storing toilet paper

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Vintage method for storing toilet paper

I want to share my idea of ​​storing toilet paper. At one point I was tired of watching the packaging of toilet paper on the floor of my toilet and it was decided to change something ... The first thing, for inspiration, was to study the Internet on this issue. There's a sea of ​​ideas there, and I was very surprised by their number. I would never have thought that this topic is given so much attention, which only I did not see there ... By the way, there were very interesting and beautiful solutions, but ... I was distracted. Having become acquainted with the topic, it became clear to me that the idea of ​​storing toilet paper from the Internet does not suit me, since it takes a lot of time to implement, and sometimes, money. After such a conclusion, I decided to adapt what I saw to my realities, and, oh, a miracle, I came up with a wonderful idea, in my opinion :) Several years ago I brought a bag-grid from Turkey, like in Metro bought it. She lies with me practically without any work - today it is easier to take a bag in the store ... The first detail of my future place for storage of toilet paper is found. Well, the second component was the hook IKEA SKUKHAL. Of the set of these hooks (3 pieces) to date, only one was used, and the rest were waiting for their fate. And then they waited ... So, I got a cozy, vintage and soft place for storing toilet paper :)

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