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i-Top for preschoolers: preparing for September 1

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Here come the new school year! Not only parents of students in the turmoil collect their children to school, but also those whose children still attend preschool. Our today's i-Top is ideal for children as a pre-school and primary school age, who's work is integrated into the curriculum. We think that any parent wants his child brought in school or Kindergarten the best, high quality and beautiful accessories. IKEA never forgets to include in their collection of pleasant things for the youngest fans of the Swedish manufacturer.

The first in the i-Top, we decided to put a set of colorful and bright markers of MOLA series. They 12 in the set pieces. What is the "trick" of these markers? Traces of them can be easily removed from the surfaces and materials only with soap and warm water, but it is better to do so immediately. Another interesting fact: markers MALL are not subject to drying for at least 3 days storage without the cap, they just survive.

Felt MALLMoving on. Paper Set MOLA, Which includes not only 56 sheets in different colors, and different textures, "neon", "metallic", corrugated cardboard, tissue paper. With this set, the child will be interesting to create, to create a variety of crafts and even greeting cards for the holidays, which he will be able to please their parents and caregivers.

Paper MALLAcrylic water-based paint series of MOLA It will also be indispensable to our creative children. The set includes 8 jars. To set the palette and attached color table, so that the child could see how to mix colors and to dilute them to obtain new shades. Capacities are specifically designed so that the child could squeeze paint dispensed. Holding the such paints in hand, you can hardly restrain myself not to try to create a masterpiece with their children! =)

Paints MALLEvery time we do not cease to wonder how IKEA thinks their collections. And here, in the preparation of i-Top, we came across a very interesting item - MALL apron with long sleeves. It is made of polyester 100%. Wear an apron and take the child will be able to on their own, thanks to velcro easily. skirt length, it seems to us, the universal - 60sm and width - 106 see Eureka.! Apron MALL even be washed in the washing machine!

Apron MALLAt last, the fifth place, we were a few items: foldable easel board-MALLAbout which we have repeatedly mentioned, not only in our reviews, but also alterations; set of watercolor paints MALL, Which includes 14 paint tray, cups for water and brush; set of scissors 2 MALL: One with a straight blade, the other - with a zigzag.

Watercolor MALL

Scissors MALL
Congratulations to all the children and parents with a new school year! Good luck in all your endeavors!

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