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i-Top "mouths of babes": Equips children

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children's roomToday we offer you a "wish list" for children's roomIt will be the most amazing and creative things created by designers IKEA. We, however, do not pretend that the selected products will be approved for all you 100%, and even in our opinion, it's not all that can be placed in this category. Follow our i-Top, and probably soon, we will continue this theme, but in a different way.

So, in the top five i-Top "through the mouth of a baby" we included:

1. STUVA loft bed

Bed-loft - is furniture, the main part of which is a sleeper. In addition, in such furniture has storage compartments, a drawer, where you can do the lessons. Considering that the bed is on the "second floor" STUVA not recommended for children under school age.
STUVA loft bed
What do we get by buying this wonderful invention? Bed, desk, storage space and, of course, more space in the nursery. 

2. Combination TROFAST

Scattered toys ... designer items, which are already seemingly impossible to find in abundance that we constantly acquire fun to our children ... Familiar? furniture Series Storage named TROFAST specially designed to toys or baby things could be sorted into several compartments / containers that will prevent the room from the disorder, and parents - the trouble.
The combination TROFAST
Moreover, if you place the containers at a height convenient for the child, he will be happy to lay out and take out things and toys on his own. Taking care of containers and TROFAST combinations is as easy as shelling pears using a clean, dry cloth.

3. Series of DUKTIG products

DUKTIG perfect for kids who are just starting to explore the world, and for those who may have already come up with themed games, imitating adults. For safety reasons, the manufacturer recommends use of this series of products with 3 years. The set consists of all kinds of basic foods that children meet in real life: sausage, cheese, pasta, pepper, fish, eggplant, bread.
Fruit basket DUKTIGThe kitchen DUKTIG
A big plus of these toys - they can be washed in the washing machine, but in the delicate washing at 40 degrees. 
DUKTIG - toy is not only products, but also kid's Kitchen, which fully repeats the adult. A hob, a microwave oven, kitchen utensils - what is there not!

4. Children's textiles

As the "cherry on the cake" in our i-Top - collection children's textilesWithout which it is certainly not possible to make the children's room to perfection. In the development of textile collections for children's rooms were not only IKEA designers, but also as experts, the children were invited. Among the most famous IKEA textile collections - VENNERNA, UTFORSKA, ONSKEDROM, SUDDIG, Vliegen, SILKIG.

Children's textiles


It is allowed to make textiles more targeted to different age groups. Carpets, bedding, blankets, pillows, curtains ... all this has been created taking into account the personality and interests of children. 

5. MULE - educational toys

Needless to say how important toys for children. The company IKEA and here "a hand", creating a collection called MULE.
Labyrinth MULE
It includes eco-friendly toys made of wood: the abacus, a maze, pyramid, puzzle, set with pegs and a hammer - all it develops logical thinking and motor skills of the child. Target audience - kids from 1,5-3 years and older.
That came to an end of our rating, for sure you something like that? Use of Products IKEA Catalogue for registration of the room for the most important people on earth, because they deserve it! ;) 

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