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Our rating: the largest and the smallest IKEA stores in the world

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IKEA store in StockholmWe decided to create own rating IKEA stores in the world, based on their size. Thus, we get the five largest and five smallest malls Swedish manufacturer.

In 1965 year Stockholm began its work the larger of the two located in the city IKEA stores - Kungens Kurva area 45 800 square. m. At its creation Ingvar Kamprad was inspired by a trip to the United States. There is already trading at a rapid pace rebuilt on a self-service format. And the owner of the furniture of the future empire visited the idea to open a furniture store.

It is unique for two reasons. First, it is built in the image of the Museum of Modern Art GuggenheimThat in New York and has a non-standard form for this type of shopping circle. Secondly, it is here that originated corporate identity through trade IKEA store, which greatly increased the shopping areas and eliminate the need for filling its products.

IKEA shopping center in Stockholm

Before Kungens Kurva with 10 am (and then every hour) on weekdays on the opposite side from the train station free shuttle buses.

Now, from the northern Stockholm's fast forward to a great China. In the fifth largest Chinese city of Shenyang it operates the largest IKEA market throughout Asia. Its total area is almost 106 000 sqm, of which 47 000 sq.m. set aside for retail space. It was not until as long as the retailer has not built a store in Wuhan. Its trading platform was already 60 000 sq.m.

IKEA China

Another big IKEA store is located in Tianjin and it has an atypical layout. It is designed to 3 floor. At the top buyers can visit the numerous showrooms, as well as a restaurant and café. The second directly purchase your favorite products.

Beijing IKEA

And closes the top-5 IKEA store in the city Chongqing. His area of ​​over 100 000 sqm, which are separated by 4 floor. Two of them set aside for parking spaces, and the two remaining directly to trade pieces of furniture of the Swedish manufacturer.

IKEA in China

Shopping center IKEA in China

Our i-TOP does not bypass the attention and the smallest IKEA stores. The first three positions are occupied by trading platforms, which are located in Hong Kong in its various areas: Causeway Bay (Causeway Bay), Kowloon Bay (Kowloon Bay) and Shatin (Shatin). IKEA stores in Hong Kong are located in large shopping centers.

IKEA Kowloon

IKEA Shatin

Thus, in Kowloon Bay Swedish giant to eat and 3-4-th floors of the "sheltered" mall called Megabox (Megaboks). The total area was 14 000 sq.m. In the area of ​​Causeway Bay - it Parklane Hotel, while in Shatin - HomeSquare (S. Skweyiya Home), which united under the roof of a lot of manufacturers of household goods. For IKEA is assigned an area of ​​11 000 sq.m. center on the upper floors. All 3 outlets operate daily up to 10.30 22.30. To get to all the shops 3-x is very convenient, as they are located within walking distance from the nearest subway station to them.

Completing the top-end five small shops IKEA outlets located at Spain. One of them is located on the island of Lanzarote in the port town Arrecife. By the way, this is one of the few stores in Spain, which offers online sales service. Shipping cost varies from up to 30 40 euros, depending on the customer location.

IKEA Spain

Second IKEA store that Mallorca is very popular among local, because in the period up to 16 21.00 better to refrain from going there. While the adults are busy shopping, children can have fun on the playground. Both outlets are open from Monday to Saturday until 10 22.00.

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