Our i-Top is the best of IKEA "world"

Our i-Top

We are glad to introduce our new column - Our i-Top. In it, we will introduce you to the most-most of the IKEA world, from a variety of new products and ending commercials. Of course, everything is subjective, but we hope that our tastes and preferences will please the majority of visitors to our site.

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That's really surprised IKEA her new collection, which includes toys and all kinds of accessories for gaming - Latta. Nicolas Kortolezis - designer collection products Latta - it considers the game a universal language, which is available for communication to all generations around the world. Games help us build relationships and fun. We, in turn, decided to make its own ranking the coolest products from the collection of latte and present it to your attention.
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children's roomToday we offer you a "wish list" for children's roomIt will be the most amazing and creative things created by designers IKEA. We, however, do not pretend that the selected products will be approved for all you 100%, and even in our opinion, it's not all that can be placed in this category. Follow our i-Top, and probably soon, we will continue this theme, but in a different way.

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Vases IKEA photoVery long ago I wanted to make an overview of the IKEA vases, but it was boring and, instead, we want to share with you our top 7 IKEA vases under the motto: "Less text, more impressions and inspiration!" But first let's make a short introduction. Here is what Wikipedia writes about vases: a vase is a vessel of elegant shape with picturesque or molded ornaments, made of clay, porcelain, stone, glass, metal and other materials. IKEA, like a Scandinavian company, adheres to a slightly different understanding of vases. In her vases less chic, they are rather more utilitarian, but not devoid of a kind of charm and style.
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Results IKEA 2014Bright fireworks died down, otblistali Christmas balls on festive Christmas tree, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden resigned the next year. Disappeared forever over the horizon 2014 year. We, for its part decided to take a kind of hell and made i-Top events of the past year 2014 IKEA.

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IKEA store in StockholmWe decided to create own rating IKEA stores in the world, based on their size. Thus, we get the five largest and five smallest malls Swedish manufacturer.

In 1965 year Stockholm began its work the larger of the two located in the city IKEA stores - Kungens Kurva area 45 800 square. m. At its creation Ingvar Kamprad was inspired by a trip to the United States. There is already trading at a rapid pace rebuilt on a self-service format. And the owner of the furniture of the future empire visited the idea to open a furniture store.

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