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IKEA vases - our top-7

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Vases IKEA photoVery long ago I wanted to make an overview of the IKEA vases, but it was boring and, instead, we want to share with you our top 7 IKEA vases under the motto: "Less text, more impressions and inspiration!" But first let's make a short introduction. Here is what Wikipedia writes about vases: a vase is a vessel of elegant shape with picturesque or molded ornaments, made of clay, porcelain, stone, glass, metal and other materials. IKEA, like a Scandinavian company, adheres to a slightly different understanding of vases. In her vases less chic, they are rather more utilitarian, but not devoid of a kind of charm and style.
We selected 7 vases, which, in our opinion, are the most colorful and interesting of all varieties of vases IKEA.

Decorative vase handmade DRUFLEDER

In no case do not put in the vase fresh flowers - it is moisture. But she has a bunch of other advantages: it is high, spectacular, made of natural materials - water hyacinth and is handmade.
Decorative vase of water DRUFLEDER geotsinta photo

Vase ELSKLIG - thick blown glass

Just like purple, which, incidentally, is still trending :)
Vases ELSKLIG - photo

Memories of childhood - a vase-cans Soccer

Collection Soccer - Cottage Collection, apparently so :) these vases are more like cans of milk. But remember the feelings of childhood and get a custom vase at his country house is worth a lot, but these vases are not expensive at all :)
Vase - cans soccer photos

IKEA vases OKKSO interior and not only

Unusual shapes and elegant undertones, a wonderful material - glass - all these vases OKKSO.
Vases OKKSO photo

Vases STOCKHOLM - Scandinavian style

In 2013 year IKEA introduced in the Russian designer collection Stockholm. Well, how could bypass their attention vases from this collection? - No!
Vases Stockholm photo

Vase IKEA LOVLIG - a variety of color and pattern

Spring ... I want bright colors, new and fresh. Great option "decorate" their apartment or house - LOVLIG vase.
IKEA vases LOVLIG photo
Different colors and patterns make your windowsill really spring and lift your mood.
LOVLIG vase on the windowsill Photo

Multifunction vases ENSIDIG - "enable" Imagination

"For dessert," ... not to show in terms of design vases ENDSIG. These vases are more like a bottle of milk or yogurt, but their applicability is impressive.Vases ENSIDIG IKEA - photo
"Designer glasses" for cocktails ...
Vases ENDSIG and cocktail party
Decanters for juices and just beautiful containers for food storage ...
Here is another application of these vases
And finally, the use of off-label ...
Flowers in vases ENSIDIG
View all vases IKEA catalog is possible under this link.

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