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According to the "Echo of Perm", the construction of "Mega" shopping center is transferred. The specific timing is not reported. Earlier, an initiative group of people living in neighborhood Yves-1, Opposed the construction of the shopping center next door to the apartment buildings. Nobody wanted to see the next big megastore and experiencing discomfort arising from his appearance. But the postponement of the implementation of project place is not for this reason.

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One of the most recognizable products of the Swedish manufacturer of furniture and accessories for the house is a large blue bagwhich shoppers typically use to add their purchases. Officially, IKEA bags, or, as they are also called, frats, were presented for the first time in 1996. Unbelievable but design This bag has not changed for the whole 20 years! And so, in 2016, the IKEA "blue bag" will appear before us in its new look. 

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June 30 2016 years become a significant date not only for fans of the company, but also for the IKEA. AT of Älmhult It plans to open the first and only in the world IKEA museum. It is from this city takes its history, the company IKEA, with up to 1958 2012, the store of the Swedish manufacturer was located in this building, and now 35 thousand sq. M. meters turn into an exhibition space for the IKEA Museum. The museum consists of exposition, located on four floors. All the furniture and home furnishings - a vivid insight into the history of IKEA.

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first design opened in the business center "Khimki Business Park", which is located opposite the shopping center "MEGA Khimki" coworking IKEAWhere there are booths for telephone conversations, and artificial greenery, and Pakmenu image. In fact, under the Overseas word "coworking" is the concept of workspace. Area coworking IKEA - 700 square. meters, the company engaged in the development of an interior designer - Arthur KeltWho also developed the design of recreation areas in "MEGA Belaya Dacha", "MEGA Khimki" and others.

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In Spain, IKEA has come quite a long time, the company's first stores were opened in the year 1996 Barcelona и Madrid. And just today, the anniversary of the Spanish IKEA - 20 years since the arrival of the production-trade holding in the country. In honor of the anniversary of the Madrid exhibition of works that tell all interested people about IKEA, its past and future plans, as well as the present developments in Spain.

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