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In April last year, the company IKEA announced that it intends to develop the furniture with wireless charging function. A month later, it was launched the first models with integrated chargers. Among such furniture - tables, lamps and tables without wires, which are constantly in the way. In place of charging depicted "plus sign", enough to put him your device and it will start charging. In addition, the furniture has a built- USB-port, which can be used if your device does not support wireless charging technology.  

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At the date of January 28 media received an official statement saying that the company IKEA still fulfill its plans for the construction of a shopping center Chelyabinsk. Acquisition of land 40 hectares in Sosnovsky district of Chelyabinsk region, pos. Terem. Expected that investments It will be at least 10 billion Russian rubles.

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Great news for fans of IKEA! January 11 resolved the issue with the choice of plot building IKEA shopping center in Krasnoyarsk. IKEA leased land in the neighborhood "Solontsy-2", which is located near the shopping center "Planet" and hypermarket "Lenta". In addition to the site for the construction of the store, the Swedish giant bought a plot adjacent to the location where the car park. As a result of trades OOO "IKEA MOS" He became the owner of two plots, which cost a million and 244,2 13,7 million Russian rubles.

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December 3 2015 years for IKEA was not just the date and significant day from which the Swedish manufacturer has expanded the range of bistro и restaurants on Russian territory. New products offered to customers include a larger selection of coffees and frozen yoghurt. This innovation comes as part of the IKEA trend to improve people's lives, this time through gastronomic solutions that are in the trend of healthy eating. Modern developments of IKEA make it possible to minimize the harmful effect on environment. Thus, a conscious choice of ingredients benefits not only people, but also nature. 

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On the eve of New Year, let's summarize what IKEA company has made in the construction of their new shopping centersAnd see what plans are still awaiting the Swedish producer in Russia in the future. First of all, mention that finally decided questions about the appearance of the IKEA store in Perm. According to information provided by the Victor Ageev, Deputy Governor of Perm, the start of construction is planned for the year 2017, and the opening - on 2020 year.

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