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In 2009 year IKEA notes 30-anniversary of its two models of furniture - cabinets BILLY (Bill) and sofas KLIPPAN (Klippan). This date brand dedicated online-project On which pages IKEA collects photos of custom interiors featuring BILLY and KLIPPAN.

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Fans of IKEA and its design font discuss the issue. The fact is that in the new catalog IKEA 2010 Futura font was replaced with Verdana.

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IKEA furnish the Oval Office Barack Obama (Barack Obama) in the White House. So the brand will celebrate the inauguration of the US president, which are waiting for a big change.

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The reason is simple - the brand shown on the pages of his publication's what everyone knows: the family are different and different from each other not only by income levels, the degree of happiness of family life and the desire or unwillingness to have children, and sexual orientation.

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