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Habits in the kitchen in StockholmIKEA conducted study on cooking habits and behavior of the residents in the kitchen Stockholm и Moscow. Research shows that people living in different cities have different habits. For example, the Muscovites feel more confident when cooking and, in general, like to cook more than the residents of Stockholm on 11%. Try something new from culinary delights, surprisingly, like the residents of both cities in equal measure - 57% of respondents. Houses more people are preparing in Stockholm, not in Moscow, although it would seem, should be the opposite. But the difference is not very large - in 9%. Help in the kitchen parents have more than Muscovites, with a percentage of 60% to 52% in Stockholm.

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Picture IKEA value 2,5 million euros photoGroup prankerov of "LifeHunters" team organized a rally at the Museum of Modern of Arts Arnhem (Holland). These gentlemen have bought in the store IKEA an interior painting cost 10 euros and put it in a museum.
Before the museum visitors appeared "masterpiece" of modern art from one of the most "talented" and "promising" contemporary artists - IKE Andrews. Agitated museum visitors seriously began to praise this "masterpiece" and evaluate the "picture." As a result of the cost golosavaniya paintings ranged from up to 1000 2,5 million euros.
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KastrulOnce on our site, we have devoted our readers the history of origin of the name for products from the IKEA catalog. There's also cited examples of linguistic curiosities that arose on this basis. Read about this can be here... And in early December, the collection was replenished with another curiosity. A ladle and a saucepan appeared in the catalog called KASTRULLThat immediately caused the reaction of the user on the Internet.

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Rabbit in a hatIf you talk about, you are successful. If you parody, you are doubly successful. These words about the company Apple. Recently commercials recorded with the company, have been used in order to implement the so-called viral marketing. So IKEA joined the ranks of "good-natured" trolls, supporting the spread of the virus.

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Hot dogs from IKEAMarketing "hot dogs"- The idea is completely Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA. How did they become so popular? What is the secret of a marketing move? Let's try to "break it down" and to understand the essence of the issue. Maybe someone of you just to satisfy their interest, and maybe someone lucky enough to test the theory in practice.

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