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Dog ParkingIKEA does not cease to surprise and amaze your advertising campaigns and business ideas. This time, the action of the Swedish manufacturer was aimed at dog owners, even more - on their pets. Each of us knows that the majority of shoppers with animals are not allowed. At best, animal lovers leave their wards on the street again - at your own risk. But IKEA in Germany (Cologne) decided to go against the generally accepted rules, but at the same time, do not break them. Therefore, the company decided to create the so-called Parking for dogs

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Ingvar KampradThroughout the entire period of its existence, IKEA has not only tried to delight its customers with the production of high-quality and inexpensive furniture, as well as household goods, but also positioned itself as a company that is inherent in the concepts morality. What else to say about the company, which has taken its origin from a small provincial town Elmhuld - "Sweden's Bible Belt."

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ikea-lietuvaNot so long ago it opened the first IKEA store in the territory of the Baltic States. About him not only lazy writing, including we did Publications the opening of the shopping center in Vilnius. We were fortunate to personally visit the new shop and today we would like to describe our impressions of his visit from a practical point of view. So, we go on a journey.

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IKEA or deathAgency Gatesman + Dave of Pennsylvania has developed a test to consumers and fans of the Swedish IKEA products manufacturer. The test verifies the knowledge in the field of names of IKEA products, as well as the bands direction Death Metal. After watching the IKEA store catalogs creators of the future test we noticed that the name of the furniture is very similar to the names of popular music groups.

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History of IKEA catalogsIt would seem that what could develop into a business enterprising Swedish seventeen young men, inspired by the desire to create their own business? Enlisting a small financial support of his father, a native of a small village of Agunnaryd, created brand nameWhose name is not only perpetuated his name, but also became a good example of how much can be a successful business for the sale of available for a wide range of customers goods. After all, IKEA allowed the world to fully enjoy the high quality of Swedish furniture and accessories for the house, the price at the same time making democratic.

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