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Wild source ikeevskoy imagination dried up?

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KastrulOnce on our site, we have devoted our readers the history of origin of the name for products from the IKEA catalog. There's also cited examples of linguistic curiosities that arose on this basis. Read about this can be here... And in early December, the collection was replenished with another curiosity. A ladle and a saucepan appeared in the catalog called KASTRULLThat immediately caused the reaction of the user on the Internet.

The network has a lot of humorous explanation of this fact. One of them is from IKEA faulty generator bizarre and sometimes unpronounceable names. With humor to his interpretation of the Neumann also approached the Russian artist known by the nickname of the network Duran. Its simple and schematic pictures are always full of sense of sarcasm and scatter over the internet with incredible speed.

Linguistic incident KASTRUL

Business itself giant furniture industry was also unable to ignore such a heightened response and gave his answer. He sounded in a pattern created by the aforementioned artists Duran. He is accompanied by the signature of that Gnvoerk - Responsible for naming the company IKEA went on vacation. And the pot had to be called simple and unpretentious - KASTRULL.

Comedy IKEA

Catalog of products so vast that already contained in itself many names towns, rivers and lakes, male and female names and ordinary Swedish words. And, in fact, it is not surprising that the company has come to such a straightforward choice. Here is such a New Year pun presented by IKEA.

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