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Designer IKEA trend 2015

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Conference IKEA 2015IKEA has been organized international ConferenceIn which it was told about the basics of democratic design and future development of innovative Swedish manufacturer of furniture and household goods. A meeting was held in the presence of journalists from around the 12 May this year in the city of Älmhult, where the headquarters of IKEA. The conference, entitled IKEA DEMOCRATIC DESIGN DAYS It was held to highlight the basic principles of the Swedish brand and the main innovations of the next time, and also included a meeting management and designers IKEA brand.

So, what management and designers are investing in the concept of democratic design? According to the director of design - Marcus Engman - Every company should have the idea that there will always be "at the forefront". And IKEA is just not only sells its products, and does it with the idea to bring something new and good in posvednevnuyu lives. To achieve this goal it is necessary to continuously improve products, improve their functionality, environmental friendliness, design, quality and revise their cost down, if possible. All this is a part of democratic design.


Key principles of democratic design IKEA:

  • formRepresenting the external beauty of things, awakening positive emotions, making the world more beautiful and better;
  • функциональность - A task that is capable of performing each of the things, making everyday life at home easier and more meaningful;
  • qualityAllowing ensure beautiful things and the aging of their long life and bring joy to their owners again and again;

    Chill out at the conference

  • environmental friendliness It means a responsible approach to resources and their use, so that each product was produced without harm to the environment with the aim of caring for the environment and the planet as a whole;

    IKEA creative

  • low prices - One of the priorities of the old IKEA, often this problem is solved by increasing the volume of production, respectively, should be increased and sales volumes (low cost and is provided through the use of a flat packing, self-selection of goods, transport and assembly of furniture by the buyers).


It's time to talk about current trends, motives and inspiration of designers in their creation.

So, the key trends of collections IKEA:

  • sensual sensation - The modern buyer wants more tactile, physiological sensations, he needs things that look and smell nice and pleasant to the touch (this trend is absorbed collection SINNERLIG with stoppers for the manufacture of tabletops, benches and seats stools - designer Ilse Crawford and VIKTIGT , connecting notes of modern design with traditional hand-woven - designer Indgegerd Raman, is the most famous glass artist and ceramist in Scandinavia);

    Dining IKEA

  • uniqueness objects of mass production - the production of designer furniture, mass-customization (it is planned that the result of this trend will be a collection IKEA PS 2017, which will include, for example, a vase of glass, recycling the past, and this trend represents a collection SINNERLIG, in which each of clay products in the manufacturing process is individually processed and has a unique, unique color shades, rough and uneven);

    IKEA Democratic Days

  • electronic devices and digital technology - Smart IKEA furniture includes the latest high-tech developments in the form of wireless chargers built into lamps and furniture, as well as the concept of smart kitchen (Concept Kitchen - kitchen with table, which themselves recognize the products, the ingredients are weighed and offer recipes), which was presented at held in Milan, the exhibition Eurocucina;
  • House of the Future - "Mobile" home without division into day and night area, the idea is based on the latest sociological studies, which show that the fast pace of our lives sometimes requires snack while working at the computer or in bed (such a purpose appeared multifunctional collection of dishes 365 +, which convenient to move around the house);

    Presentation IKEA

  • the willingness and openness with fresh ideas and cooperation, joint projects with designers from different countries (collection GILTIG developed a star of British fashion named Kathy Erie, which graced the textiles and utensils outrageous prints).

Prototypes IKEA

Adding that the company IKEA continuously monitors regional markets, engaged in carrying out Research, Exploring how people live in different countries, as the scale, perspective, and most importantly, future plans, the company is really extensive.

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