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IKEA: cultural preferences

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Ingvar KampradThroughout the entire period of its existence, IKEA is not only trying to please their customers producing high-quality and affordable furniture and home furnishings, but also positioned itself as a company that is characterized by the concept of morality. What else to say about the company, which has taken its origin from a small provincial town Elmhuld - "Sweden's Bible Belt."

IKEA overgrown corporate habits and traditions, while at the same time gradually "conquering" Europe, Asia and America. All anything, but, as it turned out, not all countries are ready to take the peculiar tradition of high moral principle and the Swedes, the cases of so-called clash of mentalities was then, and began.

Already in 90-x, where IKEA has expanded its borders to the United States, between the company and foreign customers there was the first misunderstanding - Swedish Products did not fit into the life of ordinary Americans. All dishes seemed too tiny, which is why customers have to buy vases, mattresses - it is not enough soft, small, and besides, is not measured in the usual inches and centimeters. Thus, the first IKEA had to adapt to the new market.

Shopping at IKEA

But not only the specific products, the Swedish methods of recruitment are also different from traditional. Recent events in France - proof, when representatives of IKEA accused illegal surveillance for employees. On the part of the company all the actions explained only innocent desire to "inquire" about the candidate, learn, not listed there for him any shady dealings, because it is the reputation and moral values ​​of potential employees, according to the internal regulations of IKEA, are a priority, rather than their professionalism .

One of the cases, as we recall, there was a in Russia in 2010, where two local directors for the toleration of bribery contractors have been laid off in the construction of retail space. Recall that IKEA is fundamentally opposed to bribery and various acts of corruption.

Women in IKEA catalogs

Not all sweet is with the IKEA catalog, to Saudi ArabiaFor example, call to exclude from it all pictures of women. Russians are unhappy with the release of the article about a lesbian family and demanded its removal. Yes, to adapt to the new market is difficult, it is recognized and top-managers of the company, but it is worth considering that the output is still done the same for all countries. Do furniture magnate Will sacrifice their principles and begin to adapt to the new market, or all the same will be provided in the center of the conflict - only time will tell!

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