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IKEA exhibition Casa Decor 2012 in Spain

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rozovaya-spalnya-ikeaThose who were lucky enough to visit the exhibition of design and decor Casa Decor 2012, which was held from mid-May to the end of June in Spain, in Madrid, had the opportunity to learn a lot of the most interesting ideas from the sphere of interior design of residential premises. It should be noted that in 2012, rooms designed by IKEA designers, who do not differ in special innovative forms or using very modern technologies and materials, became particularly popular. The pink interior, traditionally considered to be feminine, manifested itself in the classic style of the English summer house and earned the love of visitors to the exhibition due to the unique atmosphere that was created using floral motifs, textile materials, comfortable furniture and decorative accessories.

The presented interior looked like a country house for a modern princess, where all its decoration is literally imbued with romance and tenderness of country life. The exposition is located in 3 rooms. There is a large spacious living room combined with a kitchen, and wide windows that fill the entire room with light. The furniture is white, the soft pastel shades of the flooring and walls create an atmosphere of extreme tranquility. A small floral pattern, depicted in textiles, and a bright upholstery of seats in pink color bring a little animation to the interior. There are all the necessary attributes, including an indispensable element of English houses - a large white fireplace.

It should be noted that air conditioning is very well hidden and its presence does not spoil the interior, but rather turns it into an additional convenience.

Even the furniture and cushions rounded shapes at first glance it seems good and bright rooms. There is a lot of accessories in the form of woven products, corresponding to an overall image of the interior.

The second room is a bedroom with a sophisticated suspension bed, which is draped translucent and flying fabrics. It's just a dream come true for a romantic girl. The special charm of the interior is achieved by using a mannequin with a pink dress on it. This creates the impression of preparations for the first ball. A widely spaced bunches of fresh flowers make the room very tender, touching and homely.

The third room exposure is an open terrace with a large dining table and wicker chairs, which is considered an ideal holiday destination where you can spend your free time. A characteristic feature of the interior is the abundance of flowers in large and small pots, and even pots. The most fashionable accessory rightly recognized as a great bird cage full of candles.

So, we consider it necessary to note that the designers of the company IKEA (Rocio Romero and Lorenzo Meazza) once again proved to be from a professional point of view, because they are very thin felt, what dream woman. Each of the women from time to time needs such an atmosphere in the form of summer housing, where it is possible to abstract from the hassles and worries of family and at least temporarily feel as a princess, located in the house where the interior is designed to meet all her wishes and preferences .


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