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IKEA virus spreads

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Rabbit in a hatIf you talk about, you are successful. If you parody, you are doubly successful. These words about the company Apple . Recently commercials recorded with the company, have been used in order to implement the so-called viral marketing. So IKEA joined the ranks of "good-natured" trolls, supporting the spread of the virus.

The result was presented at the two-minute YouTube as a video. It Jorgen Eghammer, IKEA employee, copies of the narrative style Johnny QuinceWho has served as Apple designer. And in the commercial tells us about one of his company's products.

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IKEA has adopted the text in relation to its new catalog 2015By comparing it with the tablet and highlighting the many advantages in comparison with the latter. Catalog so perfect that it does not work with the cable need not required charger. Flick of the wrist of 7-mi inch gadget it is transformed into 15-inch. We just need to turn the page. Members will undoubtedly please the preset content high and sensing technologies. "No matter how fast you scroll, the page loads instantly!" - There is no limit cheers Jorgen.

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I must say that the idea IKEA in the implementation of humorous trolling succeeded. 340 views, 000 likes. This can be considered a sign of a successful commercial launch.

And in the course of a humorous theme IKEA in one of its Malaysian stores held an unusual competition. It was attended by 127 fans brand, which at their most favorite products in the range have made ikeevskogo photo parodies.

Mummy and lamp


King of the

The light in her hair


We have presented to you the most creative of them. Do you think the similarities managed by what percentage?

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