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Everyone has long known that Ingvar Kampad is a very modest person in everyday life, and besides that, he tried to maximize this quality in doing business with his company. We do not know if this is a rumor or not, but from time to time we come across mentions that IKEA top managers drive modest cars. This time we came across a note in the blog of the well-known Alexei Navalny about this fact, excerpts from which you can read below.

Sometimes there are some small, but absolutely amazing things.
This morning was the Swedish Embassy. Like, "jackals."
I drove up to the parking lot. Next to me is parked on an old white dude Skoda Octavia, like this:
Skoda Octavia
Well, we go together to the embassy.
Where it appears that the man on the old Skoda Octavia - the director of IKEA in Russia.
That is, he manages the huge size of the business with billion-dollar.
As we walked back, he realized that I was stunned by the sight of his car, he laughed: So we do business. I put this machine. Without driver. But with GPS.
Can you imagine being a domestic businessman, who, after receiving a lot of money, not bought instantly beautiful shiny Mercedes?
What is the sense in general to earn and be rich if you can not sfotkatsya next to his S-class and put it in the "classmates"?
I myself, as soon as the opportunity arises, immediately changed to a more expensive car - ahead to the alluring "executive class". And when it was not possible - he is very experienced and sadly considered car magazines.
In short, perhaps a trifle, but impressive.

Full article in Navalny's blog

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