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IKEA has quite a branched structure, which consists of MEGA shopping centers, Themselves IKEA stores, logistics and procurement units, factories and distribution centers. As a classical internal communication channels the company uses e-mail, a weekly newspaper, intranet and information boards. All is good, but all of these channels of communication They were not effective in achieving the goal of providing information to the employees of the company.

And then, one day, company management It concluded that they need to be more efficient, but at the same time, concise communication channel. One of the problems that spodvigla management of the company to the decision, was the impossibility of more than half of employees have access to a computer during the working day, according to this manager internal communications IKEA - Anna Buzulukova. So, after much deliberation, such solutions have been put forward as a mobile application and paper. From paper carrier abandoned almost immediately, due to the following principle of reducing the amount of paper use and low efficiency. Then the "shallows" and the option to install mobile applicationsBecause not every employee has a new generation smartphone, and use the telephone at work can not all employees.

And then came the leadership of a brilliant idea - the creation of corporate TV. What does the term "Corporate TV"? The company sees this idea in the form of an interactive whiteboard or paper where the text and pictures are moving. Accordingly, it will be a great professional screen size 42-50 inches. It is planned to place screens in Coffee Corner and other places of recreation. During 2-3 minutes employee can view a short message or a small presentation.

IKEA Conference

The second component of the innovations player was selected, which is in fact a PC the Linux operating system. Surprisingly, now every employee will be able to keep track of statistics using Digital signage systems and corporate program, capable of displaying sales and other indicators. By the way, the company's statistics are updated almost every 10 minutes.

Content IKEA has its own hierarchy: from global content (factories, warehouses, etc.) to "concrete" material (attendance of shopping centers, sales statistics). In addition to information about the company, on the screen you can see the running news line, weather forecast, information about traffic jams and exchange rates. 

Placing content on public display with absolute ease. This is done by network folderWhich works on the same principle as that of a personal computer. During testing of the work unit system sent a huge number of commercials and news blocks, which were in a very different format. To solve the problem of the created company is not only prescribed guideline, but also invited Content Agency, Which helps to cope with the flood of information coming from the units.

According to Nicholas NedelciucWhile that of negative feedback from colleagues is not observed, and rightly recognized project management success, so it is waiting for the expansion. Anna Buzulukova states that this is just the beginning and it is possible in a short time corporate TV It will be used not only as an information channel.

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