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Usually when evaluating a particular subject, including furniture, we come from its further use. However, there is one aspect that can not be ignored, especially if you choose the furniture and especially the kitchen. Virtually all modern kitchens are supplied unassembled and assembled already in place. IKEA is no exception, she also sells its cuisine unassembled in neat cardboard boxes. There is even a whole line of business assembly kitchens. Usually the price depends on the cost of the assembly and is about 10 percent of the price of food.

So why this talk of assembling the kitchen? And the fact that the usual quality kitchen furniture can be assessed at the stage of its assembly: Do exactly matched the basic details, quality hardware, Match prosverelennyh holes for fittings, etc. What do they say about kitchens IKEA furniture collectors?

What about IKEA furniture? I mean, if you look not on the consumer side and on the part of the master for the assembly of furniture, because to be honest I do not know how much good IKEA furniture in a further operation after it gather on and replace. But one thing is for sure and safe - going IKEA furniture easy to cheer. Even not a trained person using the detailed instructions, which by the way is attached to each product completely from digging IKEA, in the presence of a hammer and a screwdriver to be able to collect it. Another question is of course how much it will take time and how well happen.

In my practice I was a case - a man ordered assembly of four double-leaf cabinets from IKEABut it is not clear for what reason, they began (two women) in parallel with us to collect a small kitchen cupboard on 40 cm. Time passed ... By the time we finished the assembly and were about to leave the cabinet has not been collected.

And in general in IKEA furniture it is worth noting the good quality materials, very high quality accessories and a wholly-match fittings and prosvelennyh under her parts of chipboard. The same can be said about the combination ikeevskoy kitchen furniture and built-in appliances from IKEA. Very easy to install, it fits well, and is securely fastened well and is likely long.

disadvantages IKEA furniture include relatively simple minimalistic design, though a lot of talk about the huge state designers who annually develop new models for the IKEA company, original design solutions and the like, but personally I do something not so this notice. If we talk about the assembly IKEA kitchenHere, too, there are a couple of drawbacks, one of them - this, of course, the presence of an assortment of standard cabinets only (30,40,50,60,80 modules, etc.), as opposed to the Made to order food. And, therefore, you, as the buyer, have to break your head, how to correctly place the cabinets in the kitchen, trying to take into account all the "no standards" our tiny rosiyskih kitchens with vypirayushimi of wall air ducts or water pipes.

In my opinion, a significant disadvantage in IKEA kitchens It is the lack of a wide asortimente IKEA normal wall panels. At first I did not understand why they come to the assembly IKEA kitchen, Collectors or wall panels were found at all, or they were, but they bought at another store, and not in IKEA. Later it was found out that IKEA sell wall panels, but they are, to put it mildly, not very. These panels are sold in small pieces 60x50sm. Besides it, they are of a very thin plastic and are not convenient for mounting.

For some reason, until now, I have never met the end plates for the countertop. When the table top is broken, for example, for installing an electric stove, IKEA for some reason proposes to install on the ends of the table top the connecting bars. Another thing that is incomprehensible to me is the Ikeev edge for table-tops. For some reason, it is thinner than necessary and it is not self-adhesive. Suppose we took a wonderful table top IKEA and sawed it with a jigsaw to the required length. The entire perimeter of the table top is pasted with an ABS edge of thickness 4 mm and the edge that gives IKEA of thickness 2 mm. Agree that it is somehow strange when one butt of the countertop differs from the other.

Another drawback IKEA furniture You can find that almost all IKEA furniture attached to the walls, "tightly". If, say, we are talking about the assembly of the cabinet, after assembly and install it on a place you can not it even slightly moved, not speak the fact that in order to secure the cabinet to the wall have gash or plinth under the cabinet, or naobort, cupboard under the plinth.

Again, though, if you are talking about assembly IKEA kitchenAgain vsplyvat the same drawback - because of the lower kitchen cabinets usually hide all utilities and between the module and the wall no distances, it is necessary to zapilivaem all cases under the pipes, sockets, etc. Again, though, this approach to fasteners furniture to the walls assumes the existence of smooth walls and the angles between them, and this is our very rare.

We can add that the above reflects the opinion of one person and the position is subjective.

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    The edges of the thick 4mm not found in nature))) is the thickest edge, which occurs 2mm, then goes 1mm and the thinnest 0,4mm is speaking of PVC edge, the edge of worktop is usually the color of countertops and has a thickness 0,7-, 8mm. : roll:
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