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Linguistic incidents and the names of IKEA

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Unsuccessful name IKEAKazusnye moments, unfortunately, happens to all. And the world famous company IKEA is no exception. Periodically, the Company has a linguistic problem with some of its product name. To explain how this happens, first tell you about the origin of the names of IKEA. All names ikeevskogo range have their own history.

Here are some examples:

  1. upholstered furniture - the Swedish cities and villages.
  2. beds and wardrobes - Norwegian settlements.
  3. dining room furniture - Finnish settlements.
  4. garden furniture - Swedish island.
  5. objects bathroom - lakes, rivers, and bays Scandinavia.
  6. Light - Swedish terms of music, meteorology, maritime affairs, chemistry and mineralogy, as well as the Swedish names of the months, days of the week and time of year.
  7. curtains, drapes, bedspreads and other woven products - Swedish female names.
  8. carpets - Danish settlements.
  9. bedding and pillows - plants, flowers, and precious stones.
  10. chairs and desks - Swedish male names.
  11. cookware - intended subject. Or the name of the fruit, fish and berries.

Let us now return to the linguistic problems associated with these names. Among the consultants of Russian IKEA stores there is a kind of joke-legend about the product VINYA, supposedly a woman - "pigs" came to the Ikea store and the consultants helped "the woman with VINYA"! Was also such a funny situation, when the magazine Esquire conducted an online test called "Character from the movie" The Lord of the Rings "or the name of the goods Ikea"? Mentioned here are the names: the Haldor, the denead, the modal, the Brunkrisla, the Halbarad, the Gangult, the Emrik, the Grundtal, Deagol, Freden, Grimbold, Make-up, Glorfindel, Beregond, Molger. There are also hochmachki: Swalk, in the original record SVALKA - on this word the first hit in Google goes to Ikeya. WINGAL - pronounced, and in the original - FINGAL. But there are awkward situations.

Characterized by many names unreadable, and not the most successful transfer of meanings. It is with this and related unpleasant moments that have occurred with IKEA.

So, developing the name for a new pillow, the company's marketing specialists decided to halve the Swedish phrase "rapeseed seed", deciding that the Gosa Raps sounds easier and more accessible for perception. At the same time, they did not analyze what will be the translation into the most accessible language in the world - English. And "ran into" a clever british, who decided to translate out of curiosity a couple of names of goods from IKEA. I used the Google Translate service and eventually received an unexpected transfer of the pillow: instead of "grain" came cuddle rape ("hug rape"). So writes The Daily Mail. The buyer immediately expressed his dissatisfaction at one Ikeev forum.
There are still cases when the names of products were illogical. A hanger "Boomerang" or a gift pot "Gift" quite often causes laughter in visitors to Ikea stores in every corner of the world. The Skarblad pillowcase was named after the flower, in English it sounds like a "cut sheet", which is now not as romantic as originally wanted. Not quite appetizing happened with a scoop Gubbrora, the name of the Swedish traditional dish. Translating into English - "touch of the old man." It's sad, but it's true. IKEA linguistic incidents and Thai language have not passed: the Redalen bed means "in dangerous proximity", and in Thai it is very similar to the word "petting". A flower pot for flowers Jattebra, which ironically translated into Swedish "very good," but in Thailand by ear as a slang word that denotes sex.

After these incidents, the company IKEA hired translators to translate your product catalog into Thai.

In the future to avoid such mistakes, guide brand IKEA started work on the analysis of product names and eliminate unplanned obscene language in their names, in part renaming a number of products.

However, these "trouble" in no way affect the popularity of the brand and quality of products as well as our attitude toward the beloved brand. Who of us did not have to get into funny or awkward situations from which we blushed and tried to fix it. Life Lessons!


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    On special cases ..., plural suschestvitelnog of "village" - "villages". : Lol:
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    Hands tear them behind such titles ... accountants understand .. written in receipt of any vintermis .. here and wonder what it is ...

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