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Casting in Lithuanian shopping center IKEAEven before the start of the new store IKEA thousands wishing hoping to find a job there and sent their resumes. Competitive selection of applicants was held with the participation of the head of HR Aushra Delonayte, which suggested that workers were selected based on the intrinsic values ​​of the organization. The main values enterprise are: frugality, cooperation, simplicity and leadership by example.

IKEA managers at all levels must take the form of a yellow color, feel the equality of all employees and interested themed interiors. This type of selection allows to identify the best candidates, including those with little experience. After having a good summary of the selection does not guarantee the quality performance of their duties in the future. There were cases when leadersWho came to seek employment at IKEA, were too strong for the vacant posts. And some do consider it unacceptable wearing traditional yellow form of the company instead of the usual business suit. All these issues should be discussed with the applicant in advance. The leader must lead by example, and working with employees and with customers on the trading floor.

However, it must not only be respected core values ​​of the company. In addition, future employee IKEA should be as competent and has a pronounced leadership qualities. This is due to the fact that all employees have the opportunity to move up the career ladder. Ausra noted separately Delonayte students, their creativity, friendliness and ability to work in a team. It is also important and have experience in retail, as well as the desire to improve.

The most difficult point in competitive selection It was to find professionals from the IT sector and ordinary workers, for example, from the category of cleaners. Company Management has made a search for the necessary personnel and the labor exchange, but the impressions of this were not the brightest.

When asked about the level of wages in the new shopping center of the head of the personnel responded ambiguously, saying it was in line with market trends. At the moment, the new IKEA store in Vilnius staffed 269 employees, whose average age is about 28 years.

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