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Mikael Olsson: "Higher education is not important"

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Michael Olson He began his career as a salesman in IKEAAnd now Olson led the company. In the world it symbolizes cheap and fashion items for the home. Despite the recession, things IKEA going well. Olson advises job seekers: focus on authenticity rather than on education.

Michael Olson prefers sweaters business suits and luxury offices warehouses. Unusual CEO runs the company with great success, and talks about the future global expansion. He spoke with Metro in the IKEA store in Helsingborg.

We are in the midst of the global economic downturn. The IKEA, as the world's leading seller of budget furniture, benefiting from the recession?

People, of course, have become more soberly assess the value of things. Now we are negotiating with several cities and governments to open new stores, which, obviously, will create new jobs. For example, we will increase the pace in Spain, Italy and the UK.

You started your career as a salesman at IKEA. How do you become a leader?

Our roots are in the Swedish region of Småland, where simplicity, enterprise and relations between people are very important. People who succeed with us use these qualities. I regularly visit stores and suppliers and talk with our employees. We try to reduce the status and rank values, we want to be closer to the earth, to be interested, honest and innovative people. We recruit people because of their merits, not because of their experience. The person is important, not his resume. You can learn and grow at work. It is important to be the same person at work as at home.

What is your recipe for a successful career?

I never planned to become CEO of the company. My working style has always been the same, so I do not think there is a big difference between being a director or a salesperson. We have a lot of people who started with sales and climbed the career ladder, because they share our values. Do not complicate things. Do the job well, do a little more and be a good colleague, and then you will succeed, if you want. But most importantly - do what you like. I never believed in career planning, the fact that you have to do something now, because it will be useful in the future. If you do not have enough time to do your work, you can not get a result.

What positions are held by women in your company?

Most of our 17 thousand leaders -. Woman and 40 200% of our top managers - are women. We have no downlink control, and I think that the environment in our company encourages women who otherwise would not have managerial career. We help all people develop within the company by offering them a horizontal movement - translating into new countries or branches, if they do not want to climb up the career ladder.

Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, a teenager, and as the creator of Microsoft's Bill Gates. Higher education is overrated?

It is important what kind of person you are. B IKEA we try not to use the same format for all. There is a risk that everyone will do the same thing. Instead, we try to find progressive people. We never look at what the area of ​​education a person. If you learned something at the university - it's good, but on its own higher education does not really matter.

Some of our top managers have a university education, while others have developed their skills in the labor market.

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