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Lennart DahlgrenIn early spring, the publishing house Alpina Business Book published a book by Lennart Dahlgren, the first general director of IKEA in Russia, “How I Conquered Russia, and She Conquered Me” (translated by Oksana Belaichuk).

Lennart Dahlgren is one of the heroes of the consumer revolution in Russia. Ten years ago there was not a single IKEA store in Russia. Last year in Omsk 12-th has already opened. Dahlgren experienced many adventures in Russia. "You come, sometimes, to work on Monday, look at the clock - it's already Thursday," he recalls. The arrogance of governors and mayors, nitpicking and incompetence of smaller officials, contradictory laws - from such a head anyone will go around. But Dahlgren had in stock a super weapon: the gratitude of millions of buyers, hidden and obvious allies on different floors of the Russian government. Dahlgren returned home in 2006, but his relationship with Russia did not end.

Read excerpts from the book Lennart Dahlgren, the history of formation of IKEA in Russia.

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