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Stockholm and Moscow where tastier?

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Habits in the kitchen in StockholmIKEA conducted study on cooking habits and behavior of the residents in the kitchen Stockholm и Moscow. Research shows that people living in different cities have different habits. For example, the Muscovites feel more confident when cooking and, in general, like to cook more than the residents of Stockholm on 11%. Try something new from culinary delights, surprisingly, like the residents of both cities in equal measure - 57% of respondents. Houses more people are preparing in Stockholm, not in Moscow, although it would seem, should be the opposite. But the difference is not very large - in 9%. Help in the kitchen parents have more than Muscovites, with a percentage of 60% to 52% in Stockholm.

A varied diet Power It is the foundation of a healthy diet of any person. However, in Stockholm, eat the same breakfast 64% of respondents, and this fate comprehended dinner in Moscow - 51%. But, nevertheless, every fifth resident of both capital cities complains about the lack of dietary diversity. Acute shortage of time to cook every day annoying more than half of Muscovites. Deficiency of inspiration and experience the people of Stockholm. 

Moscow habits in the kitchen

Approximately the same percentage of residents of Stockholm and Moscow - half - love to spend time on kitchen with family and children. But, at the same time, 15% of Muscovites are stressed at a joint cooking. Residents of Stockholm cares less for what says the figure - 3%. But gather for a common dinner table does not work as we would like, none of Muscovites or residents of the Swedish city.

Kitchen in Moscow

The same confidence in being in the kitchen is felt by 73% of male and female respondents in Stockholm. Moscow women have surpassed men in this, reaching the limit of 88%. As shows researchEach 5-th and resident of the Russian capital, and the city of Stockholm (41%), feel ashamed of how much food they throw away, not wanting to feed on the remains of yesterday's lunch or dinner. Products produced at home, get 62% of the respondents from Moscow, in the most famous city in Sweden these "patriots" is much smaller - 39%.

Kitchen in Stockholm

The study contained a question about the habits on the proper distribution of debris. As expected, more attentive to this concern in Stockholm - 73%, while in Moscow - just 11%.

Fun study, is not it? Perhaps too stereotypical, but in spite of this, it shows a complete picture of the "kitchen" habits residents of two large modern cities.

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