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On the Internet a lot of different reviews, ochet etc. About IKEA. Some of them are positive, others negative, and others - are neutral. Most reviews affect any particular aspect, so for example: "I do not like IKEA kitchen, because they're too ...". Or vice versa: "I am delighted with these children's towels. They are so soft and does not lose its shape from the wash." But it's reviews. Below, we would like to introduce you to a girl a note to visit the IKEA store.

Saturday morning. I press my legs under me, I sit in the armchair and leaf through the IKEA catalog, from which I am constantly interrupted by phone calls. Outside the window it's raining, but bright kitchens, sofas, cabinets in the illustrations of the catalog suggest thoughts of warmth and comfort. Wanting to dispel the autumn spleen, I, without hesitation, call my friend Marinka and suggest I go to IKEA in Khimki. She immediately agreed, saying that she had long looked in the catalog of the kitchen of Faktum Abstract of stunning red color and would like to appreciate it live. From Voykovskaya on the metro to the river, they agreed to meet in the center of the hall. On Marinka there was that very red knitted cap, because of which we almost quarreled in the shop, I also liked it very much, but it's not in my rules to wear the same things with my girlfriend. She boasted of her pretty blue jacket, in which she appeared before my eyes. Since I saw her last time she noticeably lost weight, and jeans sat on her like poured. And in general, in general, Marinka was today as something very special, and was clearly in a high spirits mood.

We got on a free bus, the traffic jams in Leningradka are common, so I stocked up prudently with a book by Marinina, "Gorodskaya Tarif". Marinka, all the way, was rattling on her mobile phone. Not only did we decide to spend time on pleasant purchases, the people rode a lot, it seems to me, there was no apartment in Moscow, in which there was not even one smallest part of IKEA. Be it an insanely beautiful vessel, or a motley cheerful kovrik of cotton, and for children in general expanse, one "MAMMUT" of what it costs, I would be the happiest child in the world, if I had such a charm in my childhood. Got somehow to Ikea and "dived" into the labyrinth. Well, did not have time to go, as we have already noticed two funny, cute guys with a bunch of trinkets in the truck.

Marinka silly smiled when they kindly offered to help us in our shopinge. I stared at the set skovorodok one of our newly made acquaintances. "Look!" - Suppressing a smile, whispered in his ear already has forgotten about his kitchen Marinka: "Yes he can gotovit!". And podsvechnik modestly lying in the corner of the truck, make you think about what molodoy chelovek not without romantiki. Come on, I say, we still have so much to look at, and we now have four, a joke-jokes of our companions went to the side of the second floor.

We left the elevator, and the first thing that caught our eye was the inscription "The Living Rooms" and the black and white striped sofa, absolutely the same as the Marinkin sweater, which naturally caused a fit of laughter among us all. Marina was a little embarrassed. Then the truth decided to sit on the couch. In the meantime, I tried a wicker pendant chair, in the summer at the dacha, I was so short of it, I'm sorry that I just saw it. "Okay, with Serega together we'll arrive by car when he has a day off and hapnem" - I thought. While I was in sweet dreams of summer, my friends took turns in the rocking chair. "Come and rock!" Shouted Valera. We swayed a little and went on. "Oh, what a delight, look" - and a second later I was conveniently located on the red three-seater sofa. The guys sat next to me, Marinka did not have enough room. "So you need it" - I thought, remembering a knitted hat, then the truth Jura stood up and offered to sit down with her. But she pretended that she did not want to sit on it and said that she did not like his color. "Such a huge it and put me nowhere" - she turned away and pretended that she was very interested in the wardrobe. I was very interested in the sofa, and I asked the consultant about the loan. He said that you can choose the loan repayment period and the first installment amount at 17% per annum. "I should consult Serega" - I thought. I do not understand anything at all in these matters, the hidden interest and commissions are all sorts, scampering around in the banks.

While I was staring at the sofa, my company disappeared somewhere. I had to go look for them. Asking the manager of the hall whether he saw two endlessly laughing people and a girl in a striped sweater, he kindly pointed to the children's bedroom with a small table and chairs, with a bunch of toys and an incredible beauty lamp. "Yeah, the most place for you" - I heard a scrap of joke, apparently. I joined them, and we went to look at the bedroom. "Oh, what!" - Yura slapped the bed on the carved back. The bed was very unusual and interesting, which is the most interesting, not expensive. Marinka again rebelled: "Well, iron, like my grandmother's bunk! I liked that wooden one more" - she waved her hand toward the bed "Hemnes." We looked at it, then, finally, we reached the kitchen furniture. We found the kitchen that Marinka liked in the catalog. "I'll get it for August - I'll take it on credit" - she opened the locker and assessed her master's gaze. Marinka works in a bank, her loan is easy. She took an apartment in a mortgage. "Tax, here I put all kinds of jars with seasonings, then you can store containers" - she closed the locker. Then she retired with questions to the consultant of IKEA, and we with the guys went to choose my dishes.

On the way, I grabbed the hanger, in the form of protruding from the wall the back of the dogs with their tails up, so painfully amusing. Past the flowers in IKEA it is impossible to pass, I like everything, and in a wild quantity I start buying all sorts of flowers in different pots, vases, I adore colored glass. While I was looking at the dishes, Marinka decided all the questions with the manager and returned satisfied. "We still need to look at the lamps on the floor, let's go!" - said Marinka, and she herself got stuck around the set of the vessel "Synthesis" - multi-colored tarelochki. I was like, I was like, and I did not choose anything for myself. We went to the lamps. I liked the lamp from a paper in the Japanese style, Marinka also studied floor wicker. "There are energy-saving lamps here" - Yura pulled the switch cord, and she remained in his hands. This caused a new burst of laughter.

He made a face, as if nothing had happened and with an imperceptible movement, looking comically around, put it on the nightstand next to the lamp. Tired of the variety, we went to the cafe on the arrows and realized that they were hungry, our gay companions kindly offered us lunch. To which we immediately agreed. Seated on the sofa near the window. Marinka began to correct her makeup. During dinner conversation it became clear that Valera had a birthday tomorrow - so we were among the invited. It was necessary to think about the gift. We exchanged glances with Marinka, here we find a gift without much difficulty. We left our new acquaintances in a cafe and went away for half an hour. Along the way, as usual we quarreled, arguing what to buy, I insisted on the set of knives, tk. I got the impression that he likes to cook. Marina decided that it should be bed linen and no matter how. I'm tired of arguing with her, and we still took the linens. And I liked the soft house slippers. We went back to the cafe and explained that it was we who bought the gift, because there was no point in hiding it. We were all pretty tired, and it was time to return, but the mood was magnificent, everyone was happy with the purchases, we did not want to part. Having stood in the queue, we paid off and wandered to the parking lot, the guys came to the new Nissan X-Trail, so we went back with comfort and music. We drove right up to my entrance, Marinka was dragged to her house, with the boys kindly said goodbye. In general, the day was not at all boring, IKEA, perhaps, a good place, both for useful purchases and for recreation. You can wander around the shop for hours, looking at all this magnificence and indulging in fantasy, coming up with the most incredible and bold interiors for your apartment.

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