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Flowers and houseplants can decorate any home. But in each of the plants are able to take care of properly, either do not have enough patience, or skill, or free time. It's hard to make a home green corner, if the owners often leave. Some at the time of his absences include potted plants to the neighbors, but a solution to the problem is clearly not the best.

So do many of us not to make a house your own blooming garden? IKEA specialists, to reflect on this as relevant to the modern urban dweller topic, we decided to use the latest technological and environmental achievement. So there were "smart" decorative flower pots from series IKEA PS. This scientific development within the framework of the environmental program allows you to take care of house plants, moistening the soil in the automatic mode. Now anyone, even the busiest and careless gardener, not wither his home flowers.



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    Good day! Interesuyus s flower pots with samopolivom.Gde you are, how to see and learn tsenu.S Natalia Yours

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