Children's Lamps - add light to the nursery together with IKEA

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Lighting childWe invite you on a short journey - into the world of light for children. On the lighting in the nursery lies dual function. Firstly, it serves a decorative component, and secondly - should fully help kids cope with all tasks without undue stress on children's eyes. A child plays in his room, engaged in creative work, do your homework ... In order to keep the vision in such a vulnerable age, you need to use diverse fixtures. IKEA Catalogue fully meets these requirements and allows you to bring a maximum of light in a small child's world.

Night Children - guard sleep

Many children are afraid of the dark. After wake up in the night, open your eyes and be in complete darkness for the little man can turn into panic and, as a consequence, fright. Designers and developers have taken care of children about peace, and hence their parents. LED lamp SPЁKA as a good ghost or funny little animals will appreciate the kids. Their soft light will fall asleep faster and be careful to protect children's sleep. Lamps change color. In order to fix the arriving via taste sufficiently press onto the head of the animal. The child will be fun to watch the color game. They are also good because they, instead of conventional incandescent bulbs use LEDs. They will last much longer and thus save energy consumption many times over.

Red nightlight SPЁKA

Another lighting option for the little ones - LED festoon with a cheerful name FINFIN. And it is fully justified. Band of 15 colorful balloons of different sizes creates a playful mood when the baby is awake and calms when the kid to go to bed. Garland can be mounted on the wall and it will be an alternative option lighting or just put on the floor, highlighting at the same time a separate corner of the room. For older children, it becomes more and manuals on which they can teach the concept of big / small and variety of colors. In my mother's power to create a sense of fairy tales! Just hang on the tape box. Let this light will please even the curious passers-by, who walk in the street.

LED string FINFINCeiling Lights: Let there be light!

This statement is rightly characterizes Ceiling Lights. Their main task - to create a full-fledged general lighting in the room. In the catalog IKEA have a choice for all ages. For younger children, feel free to use in interior design hanging lamp SKOYG. Its lampshade decorated with playful small white clouds on a yellow or blue background. Thanks to its use in the design of lenses, SKOYG excellent job in order to bring maximum light. Length in meters 1,4 you can adjust it to the desired height.

Hanging lamp SKOYGCeiling light SMILA SOL will be a real sun in your home. And it's not a metaphor. After all, his pale yellow round shade darker with pointed rays of diameter 67 see the light will warm your child every day.

Ceiling light SMILA SOLChildren grow up in a hurry and to imitate adults. Do not bypass this side and room design: sun, clouds and garlands go into oblivion, giving way to a "grown up" with them accessories. White pendant light SNЁIG from the IKEA catalog is quite fit into the interior, and cut a hole in the form of circles create the effect of light scattering. A truly festive atmosphere will create DANCE. This decorative mirror ball can be used as an additional source of light. It is staffed 3 spotlightsThat during the rotation of the ball change color, and their mirror image please colored highlights on the ceiling and walls. The wire which is 4,7 m, will consolidate it on the ceiling or on the wall. But we must bear in mind that this illumination is suitable only for children from 8-mi years.

Mirror ball DANCE

In addition to the main lighting is used sconce. SKOYG and SNЁIG will complement already hanging ceiling lights.

Work area illumination

Yes, yes ... Our children are working! And here it is important to provide them with all the terms. Do not neglect the natural light and arrange a table near the window. About artificial light provide care professionals from IKEA. Meet the queens of working areas - table lamps. SKOYG in the form of small mushrooms is very easy to use. It is provided with a fluorescent switch which is easy to find in darkness. Table Lamp Series SKOYG has an adjustable stand that allows you to adjust the direction of the light on your needs. Lamp SNЁIG not as versatile, but also deserves attention, as a representative of ikeevskih table lamps.

Table lamp SKOYGTable lamp SKOYG Children

A few words about the decor with light

Shine - Amazing invention that allows us not only to engage in everyday chores, but also highlight some features to create a special mood in the room. Capture your child's sweet face, or his work in the decorative frame YUSNING. It is equipped with LED lightingWhich is sure to attract attention and will be a highlight in the children's room.

Frame backlit YUSNING

And if your child likes to speak, then there can not do without the spotlight. SPRIDA will help in the design of a makeshift stage on which your child will reveal all their talents. Adjustable legs will help direct the light in the right direction, and included in the set 5 colored slides will create a real rainbow.

LED spotlight SPRIDA

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