IKEA BERORA - Gloves for iPad

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We have long thought in which section to put this article and still put in reviews. Once Whatever is primarily a review of the product, with a new and in some ways unique, but this product "born" in the framework of the promotion. Usually the opposite is true - first appears some product and then follow his campaign. So, what kind of a miracle - IKEA BERORA?

At first glance, nothing osobbennogo - a set consisting of thread and needle. But to begin with a little background. In March this year, IKEA released a mobile version of its directory iPad. In the framework of the promotion for his promotion in Norway, which was entrusted to the advertising agency SMFB, BERORA was born. How could this happen? Very simple. As everyone knows, Norway - Scandinavian country, the winters in it are long and cold. And in winter they wear gloves and mittens. And modern touchscreens do not allow you to use your gloves. And how to watch the catalog of IKEA, if it's very cold, and you do not want to remove your gloves? To solve this problem, this sewing kit was created. As we have already said, its kit includes a special, heat-conducting thread, which allows you to use your mobile device without removing the gloves. In total, 12000 sets of BERORA were released and they were sold only in Norway. All the sets were sold out for some 2 weeks, and the IKEA catalog for the iPad ranked first in the AppStore store. Given this success, let's hope that by next winter this set will appear not only in Norway, but also in Russia - in fact, there are also very severe winters. So, if next winter you find in stores IKEA in Russia this set, you will know how and why to use it. And here's the kit itself IKEA BERORA.

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