What is the forecast for October? - Meets IKEA

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New CollectionOn what vagaries of nature has prepared the autumn, we will tell the weatherman. And we, unfortunately, unable to influence them. But wholly us is subject to the weather in the house. Warm, bright, light atmosphere will help to create IKEA. October saw the release of 2014 years new collection tableware, textiles and various accessories, decorated in colors characteristic of the Swedish interior styles.

Apart from the fact that Sweden is a country with a high standard of living, an incredible amount of attractions, famous for its inhabitants caring attitude to nature and its environment. This is reflected in interiors Swedish homes as well as in new October collection.

IKEA Textiles

There is a lot of white, symbolizing the snow, as well as pale green, which introduces a touch of freshness and represents vegetation. Thus, the autumn collection has become a compound Natural motives and culture Swedes.

Floral textiles

In October IKEA pleased with the new collection bed linen, Decorative pillows, rugs and table linen. In the design of these products, cells, images of flowers that can be seen except in the old books on botany. The latter, for example, which is located on the set of bed linen STRANDKRIPA of 100% cotton.

Pillows IKEA

On designer Hela Vilhena, created this floral print, impressed by the botanical sketches made by hand. Moving them onto the fabric, he expressed the hope that these illustrations will encourage a deeper dive into the colors, shapes and details that grows around us. This kit will be combined perfectly with plaid SNERYMORAAlso in shades of green. A reversible duvet cover with a different pattern would allow the interior changes, albeit minimal.

Linens IKEA

Deserves a separate discussion set SisselConsisting of duvet covers and pillowcases one in black and white. Liesel Garsveden - designer and author of floral patterns used in the design, always interested in plants and gardening. That's why she was doubly pleased to work on graphical realization of their dreams and maybe even inspire someone to breed your own garden.

October dining table setting

Floral theme with textile blends in design utensils. On the white teapots, jugs, cups, plates, a stylized floral pattern. Author Annie collection Gulden sought to create a table set, expressing their appearance craft traditions and manual labor. However, the task was to make it as simple and unobtrusive. Table decoration complete tablecloths, table runners, napkins.

Bowls IKEA

Tableware IKEA

Natural materials, design flower decoration, supplemented by a small number of accessories in contrasting colors of the new collection in your home comes unusually warm and cozy October in native Swedish traditions.

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    Any, even the youngest hostess understands that the textiles and dishes, help to create comfort in your home. And when the bedding is soft and pleasant to the touch vacation become a heavenly pleasure.
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    What else can be the forecast for October, if your house is such a wonderful textiles and household items that will fill your home with warmth and light.

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