KEKKLING - ready for Easter!

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Soon everyone will be celebrating Easter. Traditionally, on the table at Easter there are Easter cakes, Easter, as well as painted or decorated eggs. It would be nice to arrange a festive table as something special, put a beautiful dishes and decorations. More recently in IKEA catalog there was a fun collection called KEKKLING. All of it is devoted to the blessed holiday of Easter. Let's see which products from Easter collection can come to our house.

First, consider how we can draw-in kitchen: dining table and chairs. The collection KEKKLING for this is:

- tablecloths of 100% cotton, size 240 * 145 cm in gray, as well as multi-colored;

Tablecloth KEKKLING

- reading track (140 * 40 cm), also made of cotton, colored;

Reading track KEKKLING

- cotton chair covers zipper in the range, 50 * 50 cm, which are easily removed for washing;

- Bilateral cushions on the chairs, with ties, 40 * 40 cm, they can be turned over, for the purpose of uniform wear; 

Pillows on the chairs KEKKLING

- wipes for devices, 35 * 45 cm.

For serving the table, you can use glasses with rabbitThat can be safely washed in the dishwasher (height 11 cm).


В collection KEKKLING You can also find holiday cotton kitchen towelsSize 50 * 70 cm, and yellow potholders * 25 25 cm, which is recommended to wash with 40 degrees.

If your kids love to help you in the kitchen will be great to have in the arsenal dicky. Adjustable neck strap will allow you to adjust the apron and wear it on any child's height.  

Kitchen towel KEKKLING

Children's apron KEKKLING

Oh yes! We forgot about the most important "detail" Easter table - this is fine Easter eggs. And although they are made of paper, Easter eggs can be filled with candy or nuts. 

Easter egg KEKKLING

If you decide to go on a visit to Easter and to give gifts to your family, you can use bright paper gift bags with various ornaments.

Gift package KEKKLING

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