The collection in the style of street art

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The company IKEA offer customers always have products that are aimed at the embodiment of the concept of democratic or, as it is called, functional design. This time, the company launched art projectWhose main objective is to awaken emotions.

Above collection We worked invited from around the world 12 street artists, who have created a unique and posters in the style of street art.

Reproduction of street art

According to Henrik Bridge, creative director of IKEA of Sweden, the main motive of creating a collection called "Street art 2015"- Change everyday life through art lovers a variety of styles and artistic themes.


The collection includes posters ART EVENT, BILD, ONSKEDROM, including a set of posters and TVILLING Trilling, reproductions in passepartout BILD FJÄLLSTA and postcards COURT. The catalog of products to each of them specified by the author.

Postcard COURT

IKEA Collection Art Event 2015 is limited and consists of 12 paintings in the style of street art created by contemporary artists from different countries.

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