Comfortable sleep: a review of IKEA mattresses

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Healthy and sound sleep - a pledge of good mood and successful day. But in order that we can sleep well, we need not only a comfortable bed, but comfortable, meets modern requirements mattress. How to choose the best mattress that would suit all 100%? For each of us the concept of convenience is treated differently and see how IKEA offers to solve the problem concerning the mattress of choice, which guarantees us not only a sweet dream, but also a pleasant awakening and a sense that we are well-rested and ready for a productive working day .

In order to make you a little bit easier when considering the total abundance, represented in IKEA catalogWe offer the following classification of the types of mattresses:

- polyurethane foam mattresses;

- latex mattresses;

- spring mattresses.

Also, from our review, you will learn why IKEA has developed a thin mattresses and how they can be useful to us.

polyurethane Foam Mattresses

1. Polyurethane foam mattresses - a mattress, which is made of polyurethane foam or, in other words, the foam. No, no, do not worry, this is not the foam that has been used for the manufacture of sofas past generation. Today, for the manufacture of polyurethane foam mattress uses a modern material that differs significantly from its predecessors and provides optimum support and comfort. Repeating the contours of the body, polyurethane foam mattresses, especially those that have a "memory effect", well relieve muscle tension. In addition, these mattresses can be purchased at quite affordable price!

In the catalog this type of mattress models presented:


- Malvik и MALFORS - Hard and medium hardness;

- YOMNA - By the way, the most economical option, it costs just 3 299 grew. rubles;

- MATRAND - Note that this model mattress has a "memory effect";

- MIRBAKKA - In addition to the "memory effect", IKEA designers included in the mattress fleece to support comfortable and even temperature.

Mattress Malvik

Caring for polyurethane foam mattresses is easy: remove the cover, machine washable at a temperature of not more than 60 ° C, do not use bleach and dry cleaning, as well as avoid the drying machine and iron in order to avoid deformation of tissue.

Latex mattresses

2. Latex mattresses speak for themselves, their foundation - latex... Latex can be natural or synthetic. Natural latex is obtained from the sap of the Hevea tree, synthetic - from a combination of chemicals. Both latex types are hypoallergenic, provide good ventilation and maintain a favorable microclimate, allowing you to relax and enjoy your sleep as much as possible.

latex mattress

The IKEA catalog you will find three models of latex mattresses:

- Morgedal;

- SULTAN EYDSVOL - Two-sided mattress model, turning it every 3-5 months, as recommended by the manufacturer, it is possible to preserve the freshness and significantly extend the life of the mattress;

- ENGALSVIK - A mattress made from natural coir that ensures proper air circulation.


3. Spring mattresses - type mattresses with spring inside. springs evenly distribute the weight of the whole body, without causing even the slightest pressure, so get comfortable support and maximum muscle relaxation during sleep. The IKEA catalog spring mattresses are available in all standard sizes and have two types of hardness: medium-hard and hard.

- Hafslo и HAMARVIK - Model with Bonell spring unit;

- YOMNA - The most economical option among spring mattresses - 3 699 grew. rubles;

- HANSNES, HAREID и HOVOG equipped with pocket-springs, which help to support the spine in the correct position during sleep;

- HOKKOSEN - An unusual model, IKEA designers, in addition to springs pocket type, and added another layer mini springs, perfectly follows the contours of the body;

- Hillestad - Box spring + layer of polyurethane foam with a "memory effect";

- Hesseng - Designer Synnöve Mork added into this model of natural materials: wool, horsehair, natural latex - all this supports an even temperature during the holidays.


Spring mattresses have removable covers, so if you have a need to clean a mattress, the most common use upholstery shampoo, without bleach or purchase additional cover.

With regard to size, almost all mattresses are available in all IKEA "running" parameters: 80 / 90 / 140 / 160 / 180 * 200 and have quite a long guarantee - 25 years. 

thin mattress

The IKEA catalog is represented by another category - thin mattresses... With this mattress, you can improve your sleeping place by making it harder, or, conversely, softer. Also, thanks to the thin mattress, your main mattress will stay in perfect condition for a long time. You can choose a suitable thin mattress from the six options offered in the catalog:

A thin mattress TALDZHE

- TALDZHE - the most economical option, its price rose 1. rubles;

- TYUDDAL и Toussaint - Models with polyurethane foam filler;

- TUSTNA и Tromsdalen - Thin latex mattresses;

- TVINDE - Mattress with a layer of mini pocket springs type.

Having analyzed the mattress collections, we probably will choose a classic version of the innovative "patches": spring-type mattress HOKKOSEN medium hard, with a layer of mini springs and latex. Such a mattress will be very useful for the back, the springs repeat the curves of the body, and the latex layer will give the necessary softness, the price for IKEA Family card holders for it will be 15 rubles. rubles. Which mattress will you choose?

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