IKEA Beds - rules of good sleep

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Overview IKEA bedsToday, our review will focus on one of the most comfortable and necessary pieces of furniture - beds. In order to thoroughly understand and make a qualitative selection, IKEA bed and it can be distributed in size, species and types. Each of the models has alternate color schemes and can be combined with furniture for bedrooms of a series of IKEA. When choosing a bed IKEA, to determine the budget for the purchase, pay attention to the packaging of a particular bed, since, as a rule, for sale are on display individual components: frame, Slatted and mattress.

Optimally, you can share all the bed from IKEA 4 types: single, double, 2-bunk and loft beds, beds with storage space for bedding and other things.

Single beds - Create an atmosphere of comfort

Single MALM

Lineup single beds from IKEA is their 4-x models made of particleboard, MDF or solid wood and covered with acrylic paint. it MALM, FELSE, Odd (pull-out bed и bed frame with headboard). At first glance, MALM and ODDA are more interesting solutions that are perfect for any interior. FELSE is the most economical option of the presented models. According to the size of the bed, these beds do not differ, 90 * 200 cm is their universal size. In general, a collection of single beds can be characterized by a calm appearance, no frills, pretentiousness and bright colors. Note that white color and natural wood are chosen by IKEA designers for good reason: white color creates an atmosphere of cleanliness and peace, and the texture and color of natural wood are not only pleasing to the eye, but also represent strength, reliability and practicality.

double beds - «KING SIZE»

Double bed Fjell

By the choice of a double bed should be approached with great care, if only because it is not for one person, and must take into account the mutual interest. In this category, we provided more than 20 (!) Options beds. Each of the models present size range, which consists of an average of 2-3 sizes. The width of the double beds vary - 140 see, 160 180 cm cm, while its length remains unchanged - 200 see.

In appearance all double beds from IKEA, in our view, can be divided into the following categories:

- "Classics of the genre": Birkeland, Leirvik, SVELVIK;

- Unobtrusive Nouveau: MALM, BRUSALI;

- "Serenity": BRIMNES, OPDAL, Ore, TENNEVOL;

- Simplicity and elegance: NIVOLL, NORDLI, STOCKHOLM

- "Exotic style": FOLDAL, Fjell, HEMNES, Hopen

Double bed Birkeland

When choosing a bed, remember that comfortable bed - a major cause of health or restless sleep. The bed should allow her to stay comfortable, loose, do not hesitate. Safer design any beds are upholstered headboard and frame with no sharp corners.

Bunk Beds: Pros and Cons

Bunk Bed Nordahl

The next category of beds from IKEA - "an amateur" or for those who are limited in the free space. This bunk bed loft beds. Try to understand how they are functional and estimate their appearance. The collection is represented by the following models: Sture, MIDAL, Nordahl и Tromso (In several versions).

Having carefully studied the descriptions and feedback on bunk beds and lofts, it is safe to say that the opinions on this issue among buyers are divided. On the one hand, many praise such beds for their compactness of accommodation, and they are very popular with children. But, on the other hand, among consumers there are doubts about the safety of this design, especially for children. That is why IKEA does not recommend the use of bunk beds for children up to 7 years. Moreover, bunk beds and Feng Shui supporters do not favor, arguing that the lower tier creates a closed space, which suppresses the energy of the sleeper on the lower tier. And a person sleeping from above can experience a subconscious feeling of fear of falling. In a word, from the energy and psychological point of view, such beds are not recommended for use.

More interesting option is a loft bed. The upper tier is designed for recreation, and under it you can place the desktop, play corner or a place of rest, sofa, extra shelves and storage items.

Loft bed

Separate nomination would like to highlight a bed with drawers for storage. They can also be split into 2 form: bed with drawers - MALM, BRUSALI, OPDAL и Fjell and a lifting mechanism - TENNEVOL. Despite the fact that these beds are a little more expensive than usual, the demand for them is pretty big. It is much easier to store bedding or warm clothes in the drawers bed, than to buy a chest of drawers and wardrobes bulky clutter the space.

Bed with drawers

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