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IKEA kitchen. Part 4. METHOD - modular novelty for housewives

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METHOD from IKEAPrevious part: 

Kitchen space design trends have changed significantly. In addition to the fact that the kitchen area itself has become significantly larger, it is often combined with the rest of the living space. In this regard, the kitchen set should be in harmony with the general interior, have the ability to change and adapt to the design mood of the house by introducing minor details. IKEA meets these requirements like no one else and does not go out of the way of innovation. Not so long ago, we informed our readers about the launch of a new kitchen series called METHOD. You can read about it here. In this article, learn about the new product from IKEA closer.

METHOD - scale new heights

Released to the market new kitchens, displace a FAKTUM forever and forever. One reason for this claim - quite different dimensions of the newly headset.

New height lockers

Base cabinet grow by 10 see: instead of the previous 70 see their height will be 80 see. At the same time changed the height of the legs. In its minimum value it will be 8 cm, and the maximum - 17 see. Now, by simple calculations becomes clear that 88 see - the minimum size of floor cabinets, which still Priplyusuet its height countertop.

Variability or games with latitude

IKEA developers with the launch of a series METHOD apparently decided to go for bold experiments in everything, and presented modular system. Thus, consumers have the opportunity to play the role of the designer's own kitchen and furnish it according to your taste and desire. To do this, they can choose lockers wide range of 20 80 to see (namely 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 cm).

The new width cabinets

To some this may seem insufficient to meet the raging fantasy. In our view, given the fact that the buyer eliminate the need to wait for the manufacture of kitchen in his own size, the choice is wide enough.

The color palette series METHOD

IKEA offers to use only 2 color solutions for frames: white, dark brown. For interior decoration carcasses meant a wider range of color inserts called TUTEMO.


This tranquil gray, as well as more vibrant blue, yellow and red. Unfortunately, thus decorated frames presented not in all size versions.

Such restraint in colors offset by the fact that the system method does not need to use the frame sides. This gives the kitchen a touch headset individuality and originality. Also, if you have small children, do not deprive them of opportunities to spend time with you, even in the kitchen. Yes, IKEA thoughtful and this moment. The modular system allows you to select individual boxes for toys for children.

And what's inside?

In the new kitchen series present 2 model boxes: MAKSIMERA и FORVARA. They differ among themselves to use the internal fittings. The buyer and there is a choice. In addition, the method provides an opportunity to pick up an external panel and internal filling separately. It is very convenient. After splitting into boxes comfortable to hold and use of internal space. But it is not necessary to demonstrate that the number of boxes in appearance.

METHOD inside

Drawers METHOD

This solution allows visually clutter the kitchen cupboards while maintaining maximum functionality. Buyers will appreciate the increase in the number of holes, as well as their location inside the lockers. This solves the problem almost complete coincidence internal equipment with the desires of the buyer. 20 style solutions for doors, drawers together with 30-Tew options pens - a huge plus new series method.

Functional methods

Summarizing, we can only say that the method is executed in the best traditions Scandinavian style. Simplicity and cold restraint border with high functionality. Take a look at the new series more closely. We are confident that a wide range of opportunities that it provides for creativity, will create the kitchen of your dreams.

The main differences from the FAKTUM METHOD


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