IKEA kitchen. Part 5. Albret and summarizing

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IKEA Kitchen PhotoRead the first part: 

It's time to take stock of our review. We will try to be objective and say that, in principle, in the collection IKEA kitchens Anyone can pick up their "one and only" option. First of all determine the budget that you are willing to sacrifice not purchase kitchen furniture. This is followed by a series of products to select the desired price range. Next, choose the content and device cabinets. Also important is the choice of material facade of the reasons we mentioned above, the most important of them is seen ease of use and, accordingly, the maximum service life. Other causes (material, colors, surface design options and decorative elements), it seems to us-has put a purely subjective choice. 


Oh, I almost forgot: the kitchen Albret. These kitchens are found only in Russian IKEA stores. How Come? It's very simple - cheapness. Unfortunately, this principle for some reason for some is a priority. So do not require a lot of this kitchen - the price matches the quality.

Kitchen Albret

On the other hand, the demand for these specialties is large enough, do not be in demand, there would be no supply. It seems to us, the use of this series is suitable for removable and suburban housing. In these cases, a series of Albret show his best side in mind its low price and good price / quality ratio.

I would also like to give our readers some tips when design Kitchen:

- Think over the location, for example, use the principle of the triangle;

- Do not skimp on the lower cabinets - use drawers, where possible, so the kitchen ergonomics increase many times;

- Correctly select the internal filling kitchen - it was you in the future to use it.

Come to the IKEA store already with a ready option and informed decisions on what you want. Unfortunately, you can not very lucky with the manager who will be design. Use this knowledge, but not blindly.

Do not be afraid to self-assemble kitchen. If you thought of everything, the process of assembling the kitchen will not be an insurmountable obstacle for you. After all IKEA kitchens follow all the principles of the company's self-assembly and this process is maximally simplified.

Well, quite a conclusion - a couple of useful links:

Interiors IKEA kitchens - will inspire and help you in choosing a design.

Reviews collector of furniture IKEA kitchens - Several interesting and relevant comments to assemble kitchen from IKEA.

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    Gray kitchen, if I understood correctly method? Very cool in the design. Does anyone know what kind of tile on the apron? What is the name and who the manufacturer?

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