Summer Mood with IKEA

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What could be better than long warm days and opportunities to spend time outdoors with your family or friends? a new look at the world and experience new sensations this summer will help IKEA collection dedicated to the hot season. Wide choose furniture and accessories in juicy summer colors, decorate an apartment or house, as well as create a special atmosphere in any place outside the home. And, you see, any vacation or trip will be much more comfortable if the hand is cooler bag, new textiles and comfortable furniture. Any little thing is able to bring your usual vacation to a new level.

First our attention tableware collection cooking and serving under the name Sommarøy. Products presented in Sommarøy collection, represent the variety of plates, bowls, cups and trays, which will organize a spiritual summer gatherings and picnics yummy and maximum enjoyment.

Dessert plates Sommarøy

Glasses Sommarøy 2016

Create summer the mood is not only outside the house, but also inside it, with the help of elegant candles, potted plants and artificial flowers in vases. Relive your home and it will delight you with sunny and joyful days. 

Summer collection

Set vases soccer

Set vases Soccer

Set for growing seedlings FROER

Set for seedlings FROER

ornamental flowerpot BITTERGURKA


Colorful fabrics and textile from IKEA will help to decorate your home. Suffice it to refresh towels, bedspreads, decorative pillows and linens. Collection of Sommarøy 2016 It is the best fit for these purposes. Veranda or balcony, you can ennoble rugs for the street.

IKEA Textiles

Take a look at the category "Pots and plants", you will find many useful purchases: a wide range of plants in pots, durable pots of different sizes, which can be hung or put in the yard and on a balcony or veranda. Your own garden within a small balcony sounds intriguing, doesn't it? 

IKEA Flowers

IKEA Plants

Ficus IKEA

If you put the tables in the backyard, and then hang and place a lot of Fixtures, Which set the mood, then this summer your backyard will be the ideal place to relax.

IKEA Lighting

Finally, the category "Games and accessories for the beach". This includes Products for summer recreation. Among the purely summer accessories - molds for ice and other items to help decorate a home or a picnic lunch.

Set for badminton

In addition, there are a number of products sports equipment badminton, beach and volleyball.

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